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Washington State Casino Crazy Moose Accuses a Player of Cheating

crazy moose casino No Cheating

Anyone who loves real money gambling at a land-based or online casino is always looking for an edge. Sometimes a player can cross a line they should not in search of that winning edge. A local Washington news site posted a report of a cheating incident in Snohomish County.

Local Casino In Washington State Accuses Player Of Cheating

The player was accused of cheating a local casino in Washington State out of more than $38,000. His alleged sleight of hand tactics were caught on an in-house surveillance camera. The video was released by the Washington State Gambling Commission. It showed 51-year old Fredrick Steven Nolan using sleight of hand to manipulate cards at a table game.

The land-based gambling venue was Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace. As a spokesperson for the Washington State Gambling Commission, Heather Songer stated:

“Our suspect visited the casino almost daily for a six week period. He was careful, though. We reviewed and it looks like he never went to the same dealer more than about twice a night.”

Back in January, Nolan played three spots of High Card Flush. He was able to distract the dealer when exchanging chips. He then used sleight of hand to move a card from one spot to another. He then folded on two of the spots while winning with a straight flush on the third. Investigators said that this cheating incident alone cost the casino $3,280. Prosecutors in the case said that the total cheating incident added up to $38,335 over the course of time.

Songer went on to add:

“Casinos are a big target. There’s a lot of money flowing through and there’s a big temptation. Unfortunately, we do see frequent situations where people switch cards or utilize other cheating schemes. But they’re almost always caught.”

Nolan was charged in Snohomish County. He faces counts of a felony and a gross misdemeanor. King County prosecutors are in the process of reviewing all the evidence. This involves the multiple numbers of alleged cheating practices that took place.

The Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace is part of the Washington Gold group of gambling venues. There are nine different land-based operations in the state. There is another Crazy Moose in Pasco along with three Silver Dollar Casinos. They are located in Mill Creek, Seatac, and Renton.

Also part of the Washington Gold casino network are:

  1. Royal Casino Everett
  2. Red Dragon Poker Mountlake Terrace
  3. Club Hollywood Shoreline
  4. Coyote Bob’s Roadhouse Casino Kennewick

The parent company is Nevada Gold located in Las Vegas. They also operate the Club Fortune Casino in Henderson, Nevada. The Crazy Moose Casino in Mountlake Terrace features a trio of highly popular table games along with High Card Flush:

  1. Player’s Edge 21- An interesting twist on standard Blackjack.
  2. Texas Shootout- A 5-card poker game with fast-pace play.
  3. Head-Up Hold ‘Em- A variant of Texas Hold’em connected with the World Poker Tour (WPT).

In conjunction with football season, Sunday’s big promotion at Crazy Moose is Gameday Giveaways. This includes five cash drawings of $500 throughout the day.


Washington State Wants To know Whether Loot Boxes Are Gambling

Washington State Are Loot Boxes Real Money Gambling

The State of Washington is limbo regarding loot boxes. The State Senator Kevin Ranker is asking the Gambling Commission to answer. Kevin is asking the State’s Gambling Commission to come out clear on the matter. According to the Senator, loot boxes are predatory to children. According to many, a loot box is a consumable part of the game. It is a chest that gives a player more chances to win more items virtually. See How the Real Money Gaming Industry Defends Loot Boxes Against Gambling Claims.

Are Loot Boxes Considered Real Money Gambling?

Most importantly, this is not the first time loot boxes are emerging in the state. They are here for some time. They are intricate in that many people do not know how they work. Those who understand a loot box, however, see that it is a device. Its main work is to monetize mobile freemium. They are common in monetizing social games. But at the same time, they can act as compulsory. In the end, loot boxes engage players throughout the day. Many players who choose to take part in these types of games often use a lot of money.

Why Does Washington State Care?

These boxes are indeed a paradox to unlock. Many people have mixed reactions when it comes to what they are. But it is good to know that they are highly addictive. Besides, they have an element of chance. Because of their characteristics, many people say they are not different from slot machines. Also, this is certainly worrying lawmakers and regulators. Even more, their proliferation among other major video releases is a cause of concern. For these reasons, Washington State Senator feels that they can be real money gambling devices. He is not alone with the same feeling. Many other politicians are also saying that the commission should look into the matter.

Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War

On the issue of proliferation, recent releases have boxes in them. For instance, there are three perfect examples of video slots that incorporate loot boxes. Examples of the latest releases are Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. These new games require that gamers make micro-transactions. Also, this happens even as they are giving $60 to buy the game.

Because of such characteristics that are hard to see, regulators are raising concerns. They argue that it is hard for children to tell the difference. What difference are they supposed to say? Children are supposed to tell the difference between gaming and gambling.

What Is The Difference Between Gaming And Gambling?

If there is no state involvement, no one can say that a loot box is gambling. But now that there is a stake, regulators feel that it is time to change the definition. In a press statement, the senator says that it will be wrong if nothing will take place. He expresses concern that something is wrong somewhere. He even reminds the commission of what the law says.

“What the bill says is, ‘Industry, state: sit down to figure out the best way to regulate this. It is unacceptable to be targeting our children. You can’t focus them with predatory gambling by masking it in a game with dancing bunnies or something,” the Senator says. For a long time, loot boxes are just games. But many people question their definition.

Whether loot boxes are considered real money gambling is highly debatable. According to our research, it appears that loot boxes have become regulated under gambling laws in specific countries. For example, loot boxes appear to be are real money gambling in Belguim, The Isle Of Man, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and China. Having said that, it appears that gambling regulators may be investigating loot boxes in other countries.

If you are not familiar with what a loot box is, it is referred to as a prize or loot crate when playing regular video games. However, this virtual item is avaiable for purchase and sometimes can be redeemed when you level up in a game. Some examples of loot boxes are changing your avatar and buying body armor and weapons in games. For video game companies, they are a great thing because they offer an additional revenue stream beside buying or renting the actual game or app.