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Crypto Collectables are Coming to Major League Baseball

Crypto Collectables are Coming to Major League Baseball | News

The cryptocurrency industry has become a big part of any number of industries over the past few years. In a recent report exclusive to Yahoo Finance by Daniel Roberts , cryptos are coming to Major League Baseball in the form of digital collectables in conjunction with the Ethereum blockchain.
According to this report, Lucid Sight is a blockchain gaming company and it has obtained a licensing deal with MLB to launch MLB Crypto Baseball later this summer. Baseball betting fans unfamiliar with the world of cryptocurrency might question the relevance of this deal in relation to their favorite MLB team. However, the crux of the matter involves the ability to collect and trade one-of-a-kind items that cannot be reproduced or stolen.

When Will Crypto Collectables Come to Major League Baseball?

Mr. Roberts described Ethereum as “a decentralized platform for ‘smart contracts’ which are automated agreements for an exchange of value. It runs on a blockchain, the same peer-to-peer, immutable, public ledger that bitcoin runs on.” He goes on to add, the cryptocurrency of Ethereum is ether. So ether is to Ethereum as Bitcoin is to the bitcoin Blockchain.”
Ethereum was first established in 2015 and over the past three years it has become best known for its usefulness for smart contracts. This has led to the development of blockchain games that produce a digital item that is deemed to be collectible since it is verified and tamper-proof.

One of the most popular examples of these digital collector pieces is CryptoKitties. This game allows users to buy and trade digital kitties through the use of ether as a cryptocurrency for payment. The game was launched last November and according to this report users have spent upwards of $25 million in ether on CryptoKitties. One of the pictures in the Yahoo Finance report replicated MLB players as a crypto collectable in animated form. This was part of a MLB Crypto Baseball promotional image released by Lucid Sight.

Can You Bet On Major League Baseball Crypto Collectables?

Kenny Gersh is MLB’s executive vice president of gaming and new business ventures. He mentions that MLB has been looking for ways to take advantage of the expanding reach of cryptocurrencies for the past few years. Other ideas were rejected until the league came upon Lucid Sight as an attractive opportunity to join the mix.

In a direct quote in cited in this report, Gersh commented , “We talked a long time ago about bitcoin and whether we should accept it as payment for and some of our other products, and we opted not to. At the end of the day, we decided that isn’t our business. We’re not in the speculation business. We’re in the business of delivering a baseball to fans. So this game is a more interesting intersection of blockchain technology and what we want to do.”

The starting point for this new game was actually CryptoKitties. Gersh added that, “We were already talking to Lucid Sight around the time that CryptoKitties first came out…and then CryptoKitties sort of validated it a little bit more.”

This could just be the start of an expanding relationship between cryptos and professional sports with other deals already in the works.

Previous News Article: YouTube and Real Money Slot Machine Jackpots

YouTube and Real Money Slot Machine Jackpots

YouTube and Real Money Slot Machine Jackpots | Casino News

Whether you like to play real money slots at a land-based casino or online at one of any number of internet slot machine gambling sites, the ultimate dream is walking away with a six or even seven-figure jackpot. It happens all the time in real money gambling towns such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and even Biloxi, Mississippi and YouTube might be changing the way that players can extend their betting bankroll even when they lose on the machines.

According to a recent post on by historian David G. Schwartz , YouTube videos of people just playing real money slots continue to attract more and more attention from the viewing public. From the player’s standpoint, YouTube also offers an opportunity to make money from your videos even if it turned out to be a losing effort on the casino floor.

Two of the easiest and most popular ways to make money from your slot machine videos is through actual advertisements and in the case of live streams, Super Chats. The Super Chat feature lets viewers send money to video creators directly through YouTube by having their message pinned to the chat and displayed in a different color. The most successful video producers can leverage their popularity with tour dates, guest appearances, and custom merchandise.

Miran Maric is mentioned in this post along with his wife who is known to YouTube viewers as “Lady Luck”. The couple has been playing real money slots for the last four years. After posting a few videos of their exploits, they decided to create the Lady Luck HQ channel a few months back because of the positive response they received from YouTube viewers.

Maric was quoted as saying, “We love the engagement with other slot players from around the world. It’s a massive community that is often taboo due to the nature of the game. We like sharing our experiences.

The couples’ popularity is still on the rise with roughly 10,000 followers, but they are not considered to be at the upper echelon of YouTube video producers. Maric estimated that his wife spends anywhere from five to 10 hours a week working on her Lady Luck HQ channel. They both have full-time jobs in outside industries that still occupy most of their time.

This couples’ rise to fame on YouTube was kickstarted when Lady Luck posted a video of her winning an $18,088 slot machine jackpot playing a Rio Dreams machine at Wynn Las Vegas. In fewer than seven minutes, the video received more than 1.1 million views according to the Forbes report.

One of the contributing factors is the appearance and personality of the people actually producing the videos, but when it comes to playing slot machines, players also love to see other players hitting it big.

The rise in popularity of YouTube slot machine channels tends to contradict conventional views that the younger generation is moving away from traditional slot machines. Yet, play on machines such as Wheel or Fortune, Double Diamond Deluxe and Chili Chili Fire attract the most attention. None are skill based, just highly colorful and entertaining.

Previous News Article: Parx Files an Online Casino Application in the Keystone State


Parx Files an Online Casino Application in the Keystone State

Parx Files an Online Casino Application in the Keystone State | PA CASINOS

Last October, the state of Pennsylvania passed a gambling bill that was designed to expand the casino and race track industry in a number of different ways including online gambling within the Pennsylvania state borders.

Even though the process for applying for an interactive gaming license was put into place earlier this year, no gaming company stepped up to take the plunge in this rapidly growing segment of the real money gambling industry.

When Will Parx Have There Online Casino?

That all changed earlier this month according to the state website Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment is the parent company of Parx Casino. According to the report, the company filed an application with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) on July 12 in hopes of gaining all three interactive gaming permits.

The application fee could have been seen as a deterrent to the business set at $10 million for all three licenses, but as part of the deal, Parx will soon be able to offer online poker, online slot machines, and online table games through its internet casino site.

Also announced in the PlayPennsylvania report was an agreement between Parx Casino and casino software company GAN, who will work directly with Parx to build and run the site. Back in 2015, these two companies joined forces to launch an online site that offered free-money casino-style gambling.

GAN also has previous experience with real money online casinos in other parts of the country. The company is behind Betfair’s online casino in New Jersey and more recently it was involved with the real money online gambling operation at the new Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City. The former Revel Casino on the famed Boardwalk reopened its doors to casino patrons on June 28 and the soft launch of the resort’s online casino site made its debut last week.

GAN comes into its latest real money gambling endeavor with a proven track record of success

Registered with the PCGB as a publicly traded public service provider, GAN comes into its latest real money gambling endeavor with a proven track record of success.

Parx was actively lobbying against the proposed PA gambling expansion measure this time last year. It had already established itself as the highest grossing revenue casino in the state, so its goal was to maintain the status quo. Parx gave up the fight when it knew the measure was going to pass into law, but it remains very vocal in the state when it comes to the regulations surrounding any real money gambling expansion.

It fought hard to limit the number of skins on an online gaming license and mobile sports betting application and won a key decision on regulatory control. Online skins will be required to feature the land-based casino’s brand name prominently on the site. This will hold true for sports betting sites as well.

Now that the first domino has fallen in PA’s online casino application process, the speculation as to who is next has begun. The original process earmarked July 15 as the last day to bundle all three online licenses together at a cost of $10 million. Applications can still be received, but the cost would now be $4 million for each of the three forms of online gambling.

Previous News Article: Questions Surround Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley

Questions Surround Additional Tejon Tribe Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley

Questions Surround Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley | News

Are you ready to hear the latest Tejon Tribe Casino news? California’s San Joaquin Valley near Fresno already has a thriving real money gambling industry with several casinos owned and operated by Native American Indian tribes. The big question on the table in light of casino expansion along with new project proposals is how much gaming is too much?

In a recent post on by Marc Benjamin , this whole topic casino gambling saturation is discussed at length. There are several casino gambling projects up for consideration between Kern and Madera counties with the proposed Table Mountain casino, hotel and resort near Friant leading the way.

What Are The Questions Surrounding Additional Casino Gambling in San Joaquin Valley?

Many opponents of real money gambling expansion claim that the Valley is already oversaturated with casinos. Indian tribes behind the expansion plans obviously view the current situation in a much different light. Given the sheer number of additional proposals on the table right now, the conflict between the two sides of this issue is bound to heat up.

In June, Table Mountain Rancheria released its plans for its new casino property that has been in the planning stage for years. Owned and operated by one of the oldest tribes in the region, the plans call for a new events facility, bingo hall, new gaming machines and a 151-room hotel and resort according to the report.

Table Mountain tribal lawyer Daniel Casas expressed the tribe’s desire to improve the entire real money gambling experience for all of its customers. In a direct quote in this report, he stated, “We wanted more floor space, to have people to be able to move around without having to bump into machines and other individuals, so it’s better for the patron, second we wanted to have a higher ceiling for better ventilation.”

The New Casino Gambling Project in San Joaquin Valley Costs $300 Million?

This new project comes at a cost of close to $300 million and it will be self-financed according to Casas. He also went on to mention that casino traffic is expected to double and the tribe has already committed to paying a percentage of more than a dozen road and intersection improvements tied to this plan. These road construction products that are far reaching to the northern fringes of Fresno and Clovis will cost an estimated $10 million. Millions have already been spent by the tribe for improvement of Friant Road as well as for road design for other projects in the early planning stage.

At a recent planning meeting open to the public, there were concerns raised over increased traffic as well as plans for thousands of new residential homes in the area. However, the overall tone was favorable towards the tribe and the Table Mountain project.

Another Native American Indian casino expansion project under consideration is the relocation of the Eagle Mountain Casino from its rather remote foothills location to the Porterville airport. Owned and operated by the Tule River Indian Tribe, the cost of this project is estimated to be $180 million.

The report also mentions Auberry’s Big Sandy Rancheria expansion plan by the Tejon Tribe that has been held up by the federal government along with a Momo Indians’ expansion plan for the North Fork Rancheria near Madera.

Previous News Article: Trump Associate and Casino Mogul Eyes North Korea Market

Trump Associate and Casino Mogul Eyes North Korea Market

Trump Associate and Casino Mogul Eyes North Korea Market | Gambling News

President Trump’s recent meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un last month as piqued the interest of quite a few movers and shakers for any number of different reasons. When the President himself spoke of the country’s future business potential following that historic summit, he was quoted as saying, “Think of it from a real estate perspective. You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that, right? It’s great.”

In a recent report on Quartz Media LLC’s website by Steve Mollman that included that quote, he goes on to mention casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s interest in North Korea from a real money gambling perspective in the form of casinos. The picture used in this post places Kim Jong Un in Adelson’s Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore.

Why Does Donald Trump Associate and Casino Mogul Eye The North Korea Market?

Adelson is a long-time business associate and personal friend of President Trump. He recently referenced North Korea’s economic potential according to statements made at a charity event in Jerusalem that were documented by Casino News Daily. He spoke of ending the conflicts between North Korea and South Korea as part of officially ending the war between the two countries in which he once fought. The idea of going back to North Korea this time to open up a casino as opposed to fighting the enemy was an appealing proposition.

He is best known as the chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands and Adelson’s personal net worth is estimated to be in excess of $40 billion according to Forbes. He is also known as a major donor to the Republican party. The report adds that he donated $5 million to help organize the President’s inauguration celebration. This was recorded as the largest single contribution of its kind.

As far as the current tourism plans in North Korea, the completion of the Wonsan-Kalma coastal region by next spring has the potential to attract visitors from South Korea and China given its relatively close proximity on the east coast of the country near Pyongyang.

Will Online Gambling Expand To North Korea?

One of the biggest obstacles to economic growth from outside sources such as Adelson’s interest in a North Korea casino, is the country’s current hardline stance on the denuclearization process. Despite the recent meeting between the country’s two leaders, normalized relations between the US and North Korea is still more of a dream than reality.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in North Korea for denuclearization talks this past weekend. While the US was accused of “gangster-like” behavior in the proceedings, Pompeo still took a very diplomatic stance on the overall visit. He was quoted as saying “In light of the once-unimaginable prosperity and partnership we have with Vietnam today, I have a message for chairman Kim Jong Un: President Trump believes your country can replicate this path.”

During his summit with Kim Jong Un, the President reportedly showed him a video that included speedboats and skyscrapers as a means to promote the economic possibilities of North Korea.

Previous News Article: Social Casino Games You Can Play Online

Social Casino Games You Can Play Online

Social Casino Games You Can Play Online | Gambling News

The question of legal online gambling in the United States remains a big issue in states that do not allow real money casino games within their borders. More and more states are adding mobile real money gambling platforms online to complement their land-based casino operations. However, if you are simply looking for a way to legally play online poker, slot machines and other Las Vegas style casino games, social gaming apps that you can download for free is one of the best alternatives available today.

Commonly referred to as social casinos games, a recent post by Giovanni Angioni on takes a closer look at some of the best ways to play casino games for free. The post includes pertinent information for finding the best social casino apps that can be downloaded for free to your Smartphone, tablet or anything else that you currently use to access the internet.

Find The Best Social Casino Games You Can Play Online

The post on includes an interactive chart where you can click through a direct link to the social casino site. It also includes each sites current bonus offer for new customers. For example, the social casino at the top of the list is Slotomania. It accepts US players and it also offers a bonus of 15,000 free coins. Next on this interactive list is House of Fun with 1000 free coins. The other four social casinos mentioned in this post were Billionaire Casino, Caesar’s Social Casino, Huuuge Casino and Viva Slots. All you need to do is click through the link to open a social gaming account to get started.

Some of these social gaming sites have been in business for almost 10 years. However, most people who enjoy playing slot machines online are not all that familiar with these companies. Real money slot machine players take their business elsewhere in the hopes of striking it rich online. Social casino games dial up the fun quotient and the never-ending quest to find new and exciting games to play.

The sweet spot when it comes to the demographics for this form of online entertainment is 35-44 years of age. Players skew heavily towards females and the average player according to is a 40-year old woman. The news games available just this year are deemed to be lightyears ahead of games that you may have played in the past. Best of all, you can play these games for free just by downloading the app.

Can I Bet Real Money On Social Casino Games That I Can Play Online?

When it comes to games that closely mirror Las Vegas slot machines, Slotomania is at the top of the list for a reason. The site is packed with a wide array of games and it is constantly adding new offerings as they are released. To put things in a quantitative form, this site’s social slots games attract 5.4 million online users every single month.

House of Fun is another highly popular social gaming app designed by Playtika, which is also the gaming giant behind Slotomania. This site offers over 180 social slots and it has an overall customer base of nearly 20 million. All the top social gaming apps are covered in this report along with some insider tips on the various features and benefits they offer.

Previous News Article: Where Can I Play Real Money Poker Games On My Mobile Device?


Where Can I Play Real Money Poker Games On My Mobile Device?

Where Can I Play Real Money Poker Games On My Mobile Device? Real Money Poker Tournaments

Would You Like To Find Where You Can Play Real Money Poker Games On Your Mobile Device At Get Ready To Win Money Playing In Real Money Poker Tournaments From The Hottest Poker Rooms Online That Accept Players From The U.S, Canada, Australia, The U.K. And All Over Europe. Before we tell you any more, we want you to understand that finding reputable online casinos to play in actual poker tournaments has become harder to find. Above all, we are confident that you will feel comfortable playing real money poker games from your mobile device.

Where Can I Play Real Money Poker Games On My Mobile Device? Real Money Poker Tournaments

Where Can I Find Real Money Poker Tournaments For My Mobile Device?

Ignition Casino is one of the leading poker rooms. Above all, their sister sites Slots.LV and Bovada Casino are excellent choices too. Sign up for any of these real money casino apps through, to claim exclusive welcome bonuses up to two thousand dollars. Also, it doesn’t matter where you are you can play poker for money and crypto on the go. Ignition poker works with Android, Samsung and Apple iOS devices. Furthermore, you can be confident that Ignition Poker has the types of games and tournaments that you look want.

Enjoy Winning Money Playing In Poker Tournaments On The Go

Obviously, Convenience has become a big issue with finding the best poker site with a mobile App. Furthermore, Ignition poker lets players around the world participate in big cash games and monster tournaments. Have you heard of the Golden Spade Poker Open? Easily, join the Golden Spade Poker Open by tapping your finger a few times. It is that simple, all you need is an Apple iPhone or an Android.

Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes In The Mobile Poker Tournaments

After you sign up for Ignition Poker, head over to the Black Diamond Poker Open, Golden Spade Poker Open and the Super Millions Poker Open section. Above all, this is where you will find the best real money poker betting action on the Internet. Also, you can experience high or low stakes thrilling poker tournaments any time of the day or night. While you can still gamble from your desktop or laptop, Ignition understands that the majority of people that gamble like to use their mobile device.

Win Real Money Playing In Poker Tournaments For Your Android Or Apple IPhone

Ignition poker doesn’t matter where you are. For instance, if you are at work or commuting to work, feel free to open up your Mobile App. After that, you can start playing in real money poker tournaments with Ignition pokers mobile cash games. See the felt on your tablet of Apple iPhone and start winning real cash money and chips. Have you heard of the best of zone poker? Above all, Zone Poker has the fastest cards you most likely have ever seen. Furthermore, you can experience the thrill instantly without waiting for the next hand. With Zone Poker, you are one step ahead of the game, literally.

Previous News Article: Enjoy The Hottest Summertime Online Casino Bonuses


Enjoy The Hottest Summertime Online Casino Bonuses

Enjoy Hottest Summertime Online Casinos Bonuses | Free Casino Chips

Are You Ready To Enjoy The Hottest Summertime Online Casino Bonuses With Free Chips? WinADay Casino is on fire right now due to their game of the month bonus offers and updated cryptocurrency banking options. Their unique one-of-a-kind online casino games speak for themselves. Have you ever tried their online casino games? They are awesome plus they have a nice selection of real money slot machines, table, and specialty games. Let’s not forget that WinADay has fair bonus terms with excellent customer service!


Where Can I Enjoy The Hottest Summertime Online Casino Bonuses?

Indeed, when you sign up for WinADay casino through, you receive free chips without having to enter a no deposit casino bonus code. When you are ready to make a deposit, you will receive bigger and better welcome bonuses! Once you start to play the unique, video, classic and progressive slot machines with huge jackpots you will see why people think WinADay is the
best online casino. Furthermore, you can make your deposits and cashouts instantly using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Remember, they also take credit cards like MasterCard and Visa.

What Online Casino Bonus Does WinADay Mobile Have?

If you are like most people that play online casino games, you are probably trying to find great gambling games from a respected real money casino App. That said, WinADay casino is a great choice. Their game of the month for July 2018 is the Chinatown slot machine. Above all, you can play Chinatown slots with real money and Bitcoin with the chance to win guaranteed cash prizes plus your regular winnings from the game. Furthermore, you receive one tournament point for every five hundred spins you make playing Chinatown slots in July 2018. Use the bonus code 60GOTM after you sign up through As a result, you will claim two hundred percent in match bonuses of up to one thousand dollars. Also, this bonus runs until July 31, 2018. WinADay will announce the winners early August 2018.

What Are More Of The Hottest Summertime Online Casino Bonuses?

WinADay casino has many more bonuses for you. Every day one lucky player who has made a deposit in the last seven days wins one hundred dollars. Above all, WinADay casino goes out of their way to make sure there are winners every single day. Have you heard about their cashback offer? Every time you make a five hundred dollar deposit you automatically receive seventy dollars cash back. Remember, the cashback bonus amounts differ depending on which VIP level you are on. Also, you have to wager your cashback bonuses ten times before you can cash them out.

Discover How To Choose an Online Casino

There are many things you should take into consideration If you are looking to select an online casino. Most folks get caught up with free chips and spins along with other big bonuses. Is this your first time playing at an online casino? Whether you are new or a veteran, we are here to help you. The Internet is filled with scores of online casinos across the world-wide-web. However, there are critical things you should take into consideration prior to putting your money on the line.

Even players that have been playing at real money gambling sites for decades will tell you they take their time evaluating each site. As a result, this saves them a lot of money in the future. If you are looking to make the smartest choice, make sure you do your due diligence.

What Does Online Casino Actually Mean?

Well, this is a question we feel more people should be asking. Online casinos are just service providers that use games from a third party. They allow new and existing customers to place real money bets on these games but they do not own them. The gaming software providers create the games and they own the rights to them. All the mobile betting sites do is lease the titles from the software company, so they can offer them to their players.

Are There Different Types Of Online Casinos On The Internet?

Yes, there are a few different types. Some people don’t use these as categories to classify them. However, we feel it is best if you use these categories as your baseline. At, we put them into separate groups, instant play, download, and mobile.

An Instant play casino is a website where you can play the games in your Internet browser. You don’t have to download any bulky software and play a game from your desktop. These sites are also referred to as “Flash” or “Web play”. While it may be nice to be able to download the software, most people like to play online casino games in the Internet browser. Instant play is the exact opposite of download. With download casino sites, you have to download the software to your computer’s desktop.

Mobile casinos are the most popular. As the name suggests, you can enjoy the hottest Las Vegas gambling games from your fingertips on the go. Once the industry started using mobile technology Internet gambling got even more popular. Most of the time, people waited until they got home or where at work to gamble. However, now all they need to do is take out their Smartphone or tablet.

Previous News Article: Virginia Lawmakers Approve Slot Machine Expansion

Virginia Lawmakers Approve Slot Machine Expansion

Virginia Lawmakers Approve Slot Machine Expansion | VA Casino News

Real money gambling legislation is all over the news these days as states continue to grapple with better ways to address shortfalls in the government budget other than raising taxes on its residents and guests. Increased gambling options through land-based and online casinos, as well as state lottery systems, have proved to be an effective way to generate the necessary funds.

According to a report by Max Smith on, Virginia is the latest state to turn to real money gambling expansion in the form of wider access to slot machines. People love to try their luck winning money playing slot machines. Following a gambling expansion bill that went into effect on July 1, Virginia residents and guests to this state will eventually have that chance at Colonial Downs when it reopens its doors sometime in 2019. The bill also allows the expansion of “historical horse racing’ slots into off-track betting sites.

How Do Virginia Lawmakers Approve Slot Machine Expansion?

The slot machines will be controlled by Colonial Downs at both the live racing track and the off-track betting spots. Colonial Downs was built in 1997 as the first and only live horse racing facility in the state, but it shuttered its doors five years ago due to financial strains. Reopening the track with new buyers was somewhat contingent on getting this law passed. The added revenue for these “historical horse racing slots” will provide the necessary funds to supplement the racing revenue, while also funding improvements to the track and to the new owner’s bottom line.
Virginia has set the tax rate at 1.25 percent on all gambling revenue and the proceeds with be distributed to state and local governments. The significance of using “historical horse racing” slot machine ties into the concept of utilizing old horse races to determine the winning numbers. This involves the use of a video of a recorded race that is then shown after a player hits the start button.

Current state law made provisions for 10 off-track facilities in various geographic locations. Right now there are only four in operation mainly at sports bars outside of Northern Virginia. Several other businesses in that same geographical region have expressed some serious interest in bringing more off-track betting along with slot machines to the area. Off-track betting could then be expanded to live races conducted outside the state.

Will Virginia Casinos Make More Money Due To The Slot Machine Expansion?

Governor Ralph Northam signed House Bill 1609 into law earlier in the spring with an effective date of July 1. The next steps according to this report are the approval of regulations by the Virginia Racing Commission to turn these plans into reality.

The governor was quoted as saying, “We are in the process right now of looking at the regulations. And, you know, there is a lot of different folks that are interested in racing and gaming, and we want to be fair to everybody, so we’re going through the process right now and vetting things. Hopefully, at the end of the day, we’ll come up with regulations that are fair and that will be in the best interests of Virginia.” It was mentioned that Northam oversees this commission.

Previous News Article: Delaware Casinos Finally Earn Some Much Needed Tax Relief


Delaware Casinos Finally Earn Some Much Needed Tax Relief

Delaware Casinos Finally Earn Some Much Needed Tax Relief | Casino News

Delaware Casinos Finally Earn Some Much Needed Tax Relief. States with real money casinos rely heavily on the tax revenue they generate to fill in some big holes in the government’s operating budget. Sometimes that reliance is too heavy in form of very high tax rates. The goal of any land-based real money casino is to make some real money, but if revenue projections fail to meet expectations, they can quickly find themselves operating in the red.

In what should be considered a big, but a hard-fought victory for the casino industry in Delaware, the state’s government is finally reducing some of that burden in the form of tax relief. As reported by Scott Goss from in a previous post on, Delaware’s House passed a bill that basically provides some form of tax relief that Delaware’s three casinos had seeking for the past 10 years.

How Do Delaware Casinos Earn Tax Relief?

State Senator Brian Bushweller has been championing the Delaware casinos’ cause as a Democrat representing Dover. He was quoted as saying after the measure was passed, “They can breath a little easier tonight knowing that the ball is back in their court. They’ve got a good future.” The bill was passed last Thursday night.

The 35-4 vote signaled that a strong majority of the lawmakers were in favor of helping the casino industry better compete in light all increased real money gambling opportunities in neighboring states. The one percent reduction in tax on slot machine revenues is expected to equate to a reduction of $16.8 million. The bill also makes a significant cut in the tax collected on casino table games.

The Senator also added that these reductions should provide significant breathing room for the state’s casino industry, which provides almost 3,000 jobs. Most of these jobs are in Kent County at Dover Downs Hotel and Casino as well as Harrington Casino and Raceway.

This report notes that since the mid-1990’s when Delaware legalized real-money gambling in the form of slot machines, it has also raised taxes seven different times. One of the biggest increases was at the height of the recession in 2009 when the rate was jacked up to 43 percent in an effort to close gaps in the state budget. That was nearly double the rate from the initial state tax on gaming.

Does The Delaware Casinos Tax Relief Help With Online Gambling?

It was also noted that the state collects close to 30 percent of the casino revenue generated by table games on top of the $3 million it collects in table game licensing fees. The CEO of Dover Downs is Denis McGlynn and he was quoted as saying, “If you look at what the industry as generated for the state over the years, it’s close to $4 billion.” He added, “We are in a partnership with the state, along with the horse racing industry, and I think this legislation shows lawmakers are grasping that we need all three partners to be healthy. Our financial situation last year shows that’s not the case.” Dover Downs is the only publicly traded Delaware casino and it reported a loss in excess of $1 million in 2017.

Delaware was one of the first states to legalize online casino gambling. Now, you may be able to bet on sports from Delaware. However, before you do any activities you should check with your attorney. Several years ago, New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada said yes to legalizing online casinos. As a result, the New Jersey licensed gambling market took off to the point where if you live in the tri-state area and you’re on your TV, you are bound to see a sportsbook or online casino commercial.

While the state of New Jersey appears to have more legal gambling structure, The Dover Downs looks like it has a good online casino. We have never played at their online casino but it looks pretty good. Also, it appears that Delaware residents can play online casino games for real money at New Jersey casino apps.

Previous News Article: Arizona Casino Boosts Security with a Robot