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How To Bet On Soccer

How To Bet On Soccer

Betting on soccer is not as easy as it sounds. There are many different aspects to the game that you need to consider when placing a bet, and this article will help guide you through what it takes to be successful at soccer betting. We’ll talk about who’s playing, how they’re doing against their opponents, whether they have any injuries or suspensions, and which way the odds are moving in order to give you an idea of what might happen during the match. Once we’ve got all these details laid out for you, we’ll show you some strategies that can help learn how to bet on soccer so that you can win more real money often than not!

You might enjoy playing soccer but are not sure about betting on it. Soccer is different from other sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL because there are many top leagues. You can bet on Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer (MLS), European leagues (Champions League, English Premier League, Italy Series A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1) and Liga MX.

Anyone can place bets on soccer games. Soccer is a popular sport that people all over the world watch and bet on. You can place bets on soccer from your phone. You can also bet by sitting in your chair. In this online gambling guide, we teach you how to do this!

How To Sign Up At An Online Sportsbook To Bet On Soccer

The first thing to-do is to choose an online Sportsbook. An online sportsbook is a place where you can bet money on soccer. You do not need to worry because each betting site we talk about meets our standards and is safe.

The second step is to sign up for the best betting sites. Verify your email and log into your account.To sign up to gamble, it is easy and takes a couple of minutes. Provide your name, email address, and birthday to verify that you are old enough.Enter all of your information and then wait for a confirmation email or link. Have the deposit information nearby because then you can make your first bet.

Make Your Deposit

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You can choose how you want to fund your account. You might gamble for real money at a sportsbook but you’ll need to decide on how much money you want to give them and which method of payment is most useful for you.All betting sites let you deposit money with your credit card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency. You can use a credit card to bet. You will find sports betting sites that take Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Dash.

Place Your Soccer Bets

Now that you are ready to bet, pick a sportsbook from our list and bet on soccer already! There are many online betting options. If you know which betting option you want, select it and place your wager.

How Do Soccer Betting Odds Work?

Where Can I Play Real Money Casino Games With Bitcoin Cash? BCH Gambling

Soccer is the most popular sport. People can gamble online for experts and beginners. Soccer is an exciting sport. You can bet on different countries and leagues. Soccer matches are a low-scoring sport, which makes them suspenseful.

There are places to find soccer odds. We will explain the different ways you can bet on soccer online. Understanding odds is an important part of betting on soccer. You need to know what the numbers mean if you want to beat other bettors.


How To Win Money In Soccer Betting

With so much money to be made in soccer, you should know that some clubs are in a financial position to pay their Soccer players six figures or more every week. The Owners of the teams are some of the wealthiest people on the earth

Betting on soccer can be a confusing task, but help is just the click away with this online gambling guide. You will learn how to make a soccer bet in detail and predict scores for near-perfect results at the best soccer betting sites.

What is the Two-Way Line (Goal Line)?

Barcelona -1.5 (-140)

Manchester United +1.5 (EVEN)

When betting on soccer, always consider the Goal Line. It is comparable to a point-spread wager in football and allows bettors to minimize their risk or reward them with generous payouts. The above example is Barcelona -1.5 goals (-140) on the Goal Line.People who wager on soccer can also bet on a goal line.


If they bet $100, the person gets $100 if Barcelona wins by two goals or more. If Barcelona loses or wins by one goal, they lose their money. But if you are betting soccer on Manchester, you can win as much as $100 for every dollar that you spend if Manchester wins the game outright or loses by one goal or fewer. This rule only applies for ninety minutes of play though (not the whole game).

What Is 3-Way Moneyline Betting

Sports bettors will see odds for games at a betting site. These can be laid out like this:


Draw -140

Manchester City+330

Liverpool FC +305


In this type of bet, you pick a team to win or for the game to end in a draw. The minus sign (-) means that the team is the favorite.When people bet, they want to be a winner. If they are the underdog (which is when you are less likely to win), then they need a plus sign (+). That means that is an underdog. All sportsbooks have the same thing, but sometimes there will be three +/- signs depending on how the teams are doing in that game.

Liverpool is the favorite. They have a 58% chance of winning. Manchester City has a 23% chance of winning.The probability of the game actually ending in a tie is around twenty-five percent. After that you can choose how much money you want to bet on soccer.


If you bet on Liverpool to win and you put $100 on it, then if they do, you would get your money back plus an extra $71.43.

If you believe Team B (Manchester City) will win and you bet $100, you would receive a payout of $430. You would receive your initial $100 back plus the amount of your winning ($330).

While you have a high payout if your team wins, putting money on an underdog in a moneyline bet also means taking on more risk.

How to Bet the World Cup

The World Cup is a big soccer tournament that happens every four years. People from all around the world play in it. There are 32 teams from different places and they all had to go through a long qualifying process before they could be in the World Cup.The World Cup is run by FIFA, who is the international governing body of soccer. The first World Cup tournament took place in 1930. There are 32 teams who earn bids via a qualification process in different regions.

Betting The Total Or OVER/UNDER: Gambling On The Combined Score

You can bet on whether the total number of goals will be OVER or UNDER. You must make a bet before the game starts. This is a great way for you to get experience as you learn how to bet on soccer.

The average goal total in soccer betting is 2.0 goals. That can also vary depending on what team is playing against who.

If Liverpool FC and Manchester City both score three goals or more, then you should bet the OVER. If they only score two goals or less, then you should bet the UNDER.

You can bet on the number of times one team (or both) kicks the ball to the corner. You can also bet on whether that number will be over or under a certain total number.

Point Spread: Sports Betting Goal Lines


In point spread bets, the oddsmaker sets the goal lines so that the underdog gets a leg up during each match. If a dog is favored to win, it will get some goals at the start of the game. If it is not, then it will take some points at the beginning.

If you bet on the underdog, which means your team is playing against a much stronger opponent, then you will win the bet if your team wins or if the game ends in a draw. If your team loses outright, then you will lose.

Soccer betting odds would look something like this at sports sites:

Manchester City -2.5 (+115)

Liverpool FC +2.5 (-125)

If you bet on Liverpool, then they need to win by three goals or more. If you bet on Manchester City, they need to win the match outright, which means that they cannot lose by two goals or less, OR end in a draw.

The numbers inside the brackets are called the juice. It is like a tax or commission on your bet. The juice is that cut that the sportsbook takes from your bet.

What Is An Asian Handicap?

For betting, in this game, the draw is not an option. This gives more of an advantage to the underdog.

The oddsmaker creates the spread with two soccer bets. There is no third option. The “draw” has been taken out, which means that each team has a 50% chance of winning.

Few betting options are both as confusing and risky as Asian Handicap soccer betting.

With a typical bet, a player has about one-in-three chance to win. The advantage offered by Asian Handicapping is that you have about one in two chance of winning.

You can also bet the Asian handicap

An Asian Handicap in a soccer match is a type of point spread that splits your bet on two different wagers like -2.5 and -3. If the team you wagered on wins by two, you will break even. If the other Asian handicap betting team wins by three, then you win both.

Futures Bets

Futures bets allow you to make long-term predictions on future events. For example, you could bet which team will win the World Cup or which player will be named league MVP.

One downside with betting on future events, especially if you make large wagers, is that your money can be tied up for the duration of a season.

It can work out for you in the future if you win your futures bet, though. Getting a big payoff at the end of a season would be pretty sweet! You can place a future bets on other sports.

Live Sports Betting Odds and In-Play Wagering

In-play betting for soccer is very popular. There are a number of options for in-play wagering at betting sites, like if they player will score a goal on the penalty kick.

Sportsbooks have live odds for most of the soccer games. Live odds can help you stay involved in the game. But make sure to grab your action quickly because it will be gone before you know it.

Keep an eye on the odds movements as you watch the game and keep track of what is happening.

Liverpool FC vs. Manchester City is a game. Liverpool FC is the one who’s attacking more and they have better odds of winning in the 2nd half.

If you think that team has the best chance to win,you may want to put some cash down on them at the sportsbooks for better odds.

Props Or Proposition Bets: Team and Player Milestones

Proposition bets are wagers based on what will happen during the match. For example, you might bet on something that doesn’t affect the outcome of the game, like which player will score a goal.

A prop bet is a bet that people can make on something related to soccer. It could be about a single player or the team. A person can make a bet on anything they want, like how many goals will be scored in the game, or if there will be a red card during the game.

How many goals will be scored in the first half?

Which team will score the first goal?

How many goals will a certain player score in soccer matches?

Which team will be scored on first?

In the above example, there are tips for betting on soccer. Like any other sport, you need to make informed decisions before placing wagers or any bet types.

How To Bet On Soccer Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I bet on soccer?

Yes, you can wager on soccer. There are many ways to wager on soccer. There are prop bets, money line, double chance bet, and point spreads. You can take the two-way moneyline, which is offered in two ways.There are two ways to wager on soccer. One way is Double Chance and the other is Draw No Bet. Both are based on 90 minutes of regulation time. Double Chance means you will get winnings if your team wins, draws, or if the other team loses.

What is a 3 way bet in soccer?

A three way bet is a type of bet with three outcomes.There are three outcomes for a game. These are a team winning, the game ending in a tie, or the other team winning. 3-way betting is popular for games that could end in a tie because it means you can still win money even if they don’t win the game.

What are the most popular soccer leagues to bet on? There are many professional sports leagues that you can wager on. Soccer is a global sport, so there are soccer leagues all over the world.There are many ways to wager on soccer! People in England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and America can all bet on their league.



Soccer Rules for Bettors

All sportsbooks and bookmakers follow their own rules, but they should follow these:

-The bettor has a right to cancel or change a wager up until the scheduled start of the event. Change or cancellation requests must be made in writing. If a bettor is uncertain about his selections he may request odds on his future selections from the sportsbook at any time before the event’s start.

-In order for a wager to be valid and have action taken, it must be received by the sportsbook before game time unless otherwise stated in these rules.

  • For soccer, games last for 90 minutes and only injury and stoppage time.
  • Extra time, golden goals and shootouts are not part of the bet.
  • Matches must go the full time or all of the wagers will be graded with no action



FAQ – How To Bet On Soccer

There are some questions that players ask about soccer betting. Let’s talk about them now.

Yes, you can wager on soccer. Sports betting was blocked by the federal government for years, but then the Supreme Court said that it was allowed. Now lots of states are doing this, including betting on soccer.

Some states let people wager on soccer. There are some that do not. Some states have a bill that is being passed, but the regulatory framework has not been finalized yet.

What is the best way to bet on soccer?

The best way to wager on soccer online is to use our soccer betting strategy.

  1. Betting on the corners. If you want to be a successful in soccer bettor, be open-minded.
  2. The double chance is an excellent way to hedge your bets and create a consistent return.
  3. Try betting on the favorites.
  4. Make Small bets, Not Go All In. …
  5. Place Bets on how many goals will be scored.

What does +100 bet mean?

If the odds on a tennis player said +150, that means for $100 you would win $150.Now, if there is a minus sign in front of the odds, that means you would have to bet $100 dollars to win $100. For example, if a football team was -250, then you would have to bet $250 dollars in order to win only one hundred dollars.

How do odds work in soccer?

Odds are the likelihood of something happening, like someone winning a game or a person finding a home. If you bet on Manchester United to win, you will get your stake back plus R200 if they do.


2021 French Open Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

2021 French Open Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

The second Grand Slam tournament of the year, the French Open, is set to start on May 30th. Unlike last year when it was moved to September due to the pandemic, Roland Garros returns to its traditional month. The draw still hasn’t been made, but the odds for the winner are already out and the bettors can start planning their wagers.

French Open: Men’s Betting Preview and Odds

The “King of Clay”, Rafael Nadal is once again an odds-on favorite to win the tournament. The Spaniard won his 13th Roland Garros title in 2020 tying Roger Federer’s record 20 Grand Slam wins. In the final, he defeated the ATP’s No. 1, Novak Djokovic, easier than expected 6-0, 6-2, 7-5. Rafa went the whole tournament without losing a single set. So, it’s no surprise that he’s priced at -120 to lift the trophy again. It means that he’s given more chances to win than the entire field. Nadal will be the No.3 seed this year as Medvedev overtook him in the rankings, but it shouldn’t matter much because he already won being seeded as low as fifth.

Nadal is followed by Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem, and Stefanos Tsitsipas. Novak, priced at +200, will undoubtedly be extra motivated to add to his Grand Slam trophies, but clay isn’t his best surface. He already lost twice on clay this year, in Monte Carlo and Belgrade. Tsispipas provides perhaps the most value at +800 as he’s widely considered the best clay court player after Nadal. He won the Monte Carlo Masters this year but has lost both to Nadal and Djokovic on clay this season. Nadal beat him in Barcelona while Novak defeated the Greek in Rome. Roger Federer will also attract a lot of attention from bettors but mostly for his status rather than this year’s performances. He’s yet to come out on clay this season.

Below are the current odds for the win at ATP French Open.

  • Rafael Nadal -120
  • Novak Djokovic +200
  • Dominic Thiem +400
  • Stefanos Tsitsipas +800
  • Alexander Zverev +2000
  • Andrey Rublev +1800
  • Daniil Medvedev +1800
  • Jannik Sinner +3300
  • Roger Federer +3000
  • Diego Schwartzman +2500
  • Matteo Berrettini +6600
  • Pablo Carreno-Busta +6600
  • Denis Shapovalov +6600
  • Stan Wawrinka +5000
  • Roberto Bautista Agut +8000
  • Grigor Dimitrov +10000

French Open: Women’s Betting Preview and Odds

The winner of the WTA French Open last year was Iga Swiatek. It was the first WTA title in her career. The previous winner, Ashleigh Barty, opted out due to the pandemic. The young Polish player pulled one of the biggest upsets in Roland Garros’ history as she entered the tournament from the 54th seed. At age 19, she was also the youngest champion since Nadal in 2005. This year, Swiatek is entering the tournament as the odds-on favorite. She’s priced at +450 at the moment.

She’s followed by Ashely Barty and Simone Halep who are both priced at +500. Barty is having a great season on clay and perhaps offers the most value, betting-wise. Halep is arguably the best female clay court player in the world. However, but she suffered a calf injury in Rome and is doubtful for the French Open.

Here’s the list of the current odds to win the WTA French Open.

Iga Swiatek +450

Ashleigh Barty +500

Simona Halep +500

Aryna Sabalenka +800

Garbine Muguruza +900

Naomi Osaka +900

Bianca Andreescu +1800

Serena Williams +1800

Elina Svitolina +2000

Petra Kvitova +2000

, ,

Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Live Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Live Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

On Sunday night, the Lakers head out to New Orleans to take on the Pelicans in the last game of the regular season. The LA team needs to win to have any chance of a direct playoff spot. However, they do not have full control over their fate as they’ll also need Portland to lose. The Lakers and the Blazers are currently tied at 6th with one game remaining but Portland owns the tiebreaker. Coach Fogel’s team is in a good form right now, having won 4 straight games. Over the season, they are 41-30 SU and 31-39-1 ATS. The Pelicans, on the other hand, are definitely out of the playoffs and have nothing to play for but pride. Besides, they are without a few key players and have three consecutive losses. New Orleans is tied with Sacramento for 11th in the West with a 31-40 record. Against the spread, they are 34-37 this season. Tonight’s game is the third matchup between two teams this year. The teams split the series so far with each winning at home.

Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Live Betting Odds & Line Movement

The Lakers are heavily favored in this one and the oddsmakers have set the line at -10.5. The total saw some movement, rising from 221.5 to 223.5.

Notes On The Los Angeles Lakers

The main news for the Lakers is that LeBron James is back and Anthony Davis seems fully prepared and in prime form before the playoffs. LeBron missed 20 games before returning for a short 2-game stint and then missing 6 more. He finally returned last night in the win against Indiana. The Lakers beat the Pacers mainly thanks to the performances of their two stars. LeBron looked healthy and scored 24 points, adding 7 rebounds and 8 assists in 28 minutes on the floor. He also scored the crucial 4 points near the end of the game to stop Indiana’s late push. AD was the leading scorer with 28 points and also had 10 rebounds for another double-double. Four other players also scored in double-digits. The New Orleans game is a second night of the back-to-back, so it’s possible one or both stars will be rested. However, both LeBron and AD have stated that they’re ready to go.

The only two players on the injury report are Alex Caruso and Jared Dudley who are both game time decisions.

Notes On The New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans are finishing what has been a disappointing season for them. Although they are the team looking at the future, they still expected to be in the playoffs. However, after losing some of the key pieces near the end of the season, the Pelicans just couldn’t get to the much desired No. 10 spot. They have lost 4 times in the last 5 games, but still played decent basketball and were competitive against some quality opposition. They played close games against Philly, Memphis, and Golen State. Last time out, they lost to the Warriors 125-122. Nickeil Alexander-Walker had a breakout game with 30 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists. Rookie Naji Marshall added career-high 20 points and Jaxson Hayes had 19 from the bench.

For tonight, coach Van Gundy is without Williamson, Ingram, Ball, Adams, and Hart. Iwundu and Johnson are listed as questionable.

Los Angeles Lakers vs New Orleans Pelicans Live Betting Pick & Prediction: The Lakers -10.5

With the Lakers likely in full strength, there’s no need to overthink this. They’ll look to build a solid lead from the start, secure the victory, and hope for the Blazers to slip up.

, ,

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Live Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Live Betting Picks, Odds, Lines & Predictions

The final rankings in the Eastern Conference will depend a great deal on the outcome of tonight’s live betting game between Miami and Milwaukee. The Bucks are currently 3rd in the East. However, they’re only a game behind the Nets and hold a potential tiebreaker. Coach Budenholzer’s team has hit the form right in time for the playoffs, winning 8 games out of the last 10. They’re now 45-25 straight up and 31-39 against the spread. The Heat, on the other hand, can finish anywhere between 4th and 6th place. They’re currently 6th, tied with the Knicks and only a half-game behind the Hawks. Miami is also on a roll lately, as they have lost only four times in the last 15 games. Their current straight up record is 39-31 while they are 33-35-2 against the spread. The two have already met twice this season, with each team winning at home.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Live Betting Odds & Line Movement

The bookies expect a tight game with a slight advantage on Milwaukee’s side. The Bucks are favored by -2.5. The total stands at 231.5 at most live betting sportsbooks.

Notes On The Miami Heat

Similar to the last season, Coach Spo has his team in peak form just before the playoffs. The short offseason left the mark on the Heat players and resulted in a slow start to the season. But right now, they are beginning to resemble the team that reached the Finals last year. Tonight’s game will be huge for the Heat as they look to secure the home advantage in the first round. Also, it seems that they’ll prefer to go against Philly in the second round who is the better matchup for them than Brooklyn of Milwaukee. They showed as much two nights ago when they beat the 76ers in a heated matchup 106-94. Jimmy Butler led the scoring with 21 points. Bam Adebayo almost got a triple=double with 18 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists. Tyler Herro and Goran Dragic provided a valuable contribution from the bench with 18 and 15 points, respectively.

Tonight, Miami is without Victor Oladipo who’s out for the season. Kendrick Nunn is a game time decision.

Notes On The Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks have been destroying their opponents with their high-powered offense lately. They now lead the league in points per game and are third in field goal and 3pt percentage. Still, they’ll have to sort out their defensive issues if they want to avoid the same playoff destiny as in the previous two years. The Bucks have given up more than 130 points in 4 out of their last 5 games. Their defensive struggles are the main reason why they haven’t covered the spread in the 5 straight games. In their last outing, they won against Indiana in another shootout, 142-133. Giannis led the way once again scoring 40 points. Three other players, Middleton, Lopez, and Holiday, also scored more than 20 points.

The Bucks have a mostly clean bill of health, with only Axel Toupane unavailable.

Miami Heat vs Milwaukee Bucks Live Betting Pick & Prediction:UNDER 231.5

The Bucks defense will have to show up sooner or later. Tonight’s live betting game has all the makings of a playoff matchup, so we can expect defenses to step up. Besides, Miami plays at the second-slowest pace in the league and will try to drag Milwaukee into their rhythm.

, ,

Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets Betting Pick, Predictions, Odds & Lines

Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets Betting Pick, Predictions, Odds & Lines

The Clippers will try to move a step closer to securing the 3rd spot in the West as they visit the Rockets tonight. Kahwi and co are only a game ahead of the Nuggets who hold the tiebreaker so they still can’t afford to relax. The Clips are on a decent run at the moment having lost only once in the last 5 games. Overall, they’re 47-23 SU and 39-30-1 ATS. The Rockets are moving in a completely opposite direction and currently hold the worst record in the league. They’re 16-54 for the season and 26-44 against the spread. Currently, Houston is on a 7-game losing streak. Also, they’ve won only twice in the last 15 games. However, the Rockets have been putting a bit off a fight lately and have covered in four straight games. Tonight’s game is the third meeting between the two this season. The Clippers won both previous games.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets Betting Odds & Line Movement

The Clippers are clear favorites in this NBA BETTING matchup and it’s reflected by the -11.5 line. The total for tonight’s game is set at 226.5.

Notes On The Los Angeles Clippers

Ever since Kahwi Leonard returned to the lineup, the Clippers look like contenders again. Their last three wins were all blowout with an average margin of 22points. And, those wins came against decent opposition in the Lakers, Raptors, and Hornets. The Clips have been particularly impressive on the defensive end. Coach Lue has tightened the things up in that department just in time for the playoffs. In their last 5 games, the Clippers have allowed only 97.2 points per contest. They now rank 4th in the league in total points allowed. Last night they notched another convincing win, beating the Hornets 113-90. Paul George led the scoring with 20 points and also had 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Reggie Jackson added 19 from the bench. Kahwi Leonard was quiet for his standards with only 16 points on 9 shots.

Long-term absentees, Serge Ibaka and Amir Coffey, remain out for the Clippers. It’s also possible that coach Lue will rest George and Leonard.

Notes On The Houston Rockets

The Rockets are, without a doubt, the worst team in the NBA this season. Truth be told, injuries have followed them the whole season, but they have been in clear tanking mode ever since the Harden trade. They have now won only 5 times in the last 49 games. Their main goal lately was to give their young players some game time to mature and develop. However, they do put up a good fight from time to time. Two nights ago, they almost surprised the Lakers on the road losing by only two points, 124-122. Kelly Olynik was a standout performer with 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists. Armony Brooks scored 24 off the bench while Kenyon Martin Jr. continued with decent performances with 20 points and 10 boards.

Houston’s injury list is long and it would be easier to name the available players. House, Wood, Porter Jr., Wilson, Brown, Bradley, Gordon, and Nwaba are all expected to miss out. Wall and Exum are out for the season.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Houston Rockets Betting Pick & Prediction: The Clippers -11.5

The Clippers will look to secure the 3rd spot and can’t afford a slip-up. Even if Leonard and George sit out, they’re still too strong for the depleted Rockets.


Freeroll Slot Tournaments: Free-to-Enter, Big Prize!

Freeroll Slot Tournaments Free-to-Enter, Big Prize

Freeroll Slot Tournaments are a lot of fun and can be lucrative! Freerolls are tournaments that don’t require players to pay an entry fee, but still have the potential for big prizes. All you need to do is find an online casino with freerolls and sign up on their website! When you show up on the day of the tournament, all you have to do is spin some reels for your chance at winning millions in cash or prizes! Before we tell you how freeroll slot tournaments work, how to enter for free and win big prizes, we are going to tell you about the newest online slot machines, and latest tournaments. Make sure you sign up for our free email newsletter to ensure you receive our EXCLUSIVE no deposit bonus codes twice weekly.
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Lincoln Casino Bonuses

50 Free Spins On City Of Gold + 100% Up To 200% Welcome Bonus

A 100% bonus up to $200 and 20 free games await you when you make a deposit at Lincoln Casino.Also, you can claim 50 free spins on the City of Gold. After you make a $25 deposit or higher, use the coupon code RESCUEME. As a result, players can receive 20 free spins on Dog Gone It plus a 100% welcome bonus that is valid up to $200 until May 26, 2021. Also, there is a 20X wagering requirement.

For another 50 Free Spins on City of Gold use the deposit bonus code LCCG55 before May 26, 2021. There is a 40X wagering requirement.

Win your share of $1,500 in prizes

Win $1,500 in prizes when you play Big Baboon tournament at Lincoln Casino. This exciting event features the five reel slot Magic Monkey II slot machine from May 15, 2021, through May 30, 2021. Play and win the huge first prize of $700! The Big Baboon tournament runs until May 30, 2021. The buy-ins and re-buys cost $5.

The Reading Railroad tournament

The Reading Railroad tournament gets rolling May 17 2021 until June 5, 2021. The prize pool is $1,000 big ones! Chosen for this exciting event is the five reel slot Cash Caboose slot machine. You can win the big $500 first prize! Ride that railroad and win when you buy in for $5! The re-buys cost $5 as well.
Liberty Slots Casino Bonuses

Liberty Slots Casino Hosts The Thrilling Jules Verve Tournament Plus Match Bonuses

Have a blast at Liberty Slots Casino this week when you deposit and receive 150% up to $150 plus 20 spins using the coupon code GEMINI when you make a $25 deposit or higher. There is a 30X wagering requirement. Players can receive another 50 free spins on Legend of the Singing Fan until May 27, 2021, using the deposit bonus code LSFLS526. There is a 40X wagering requirement.

$1,200 in prizes are up for grabs in the thrilling Jules Verve tournament from May 20, 2021 until Jun 6, 2021. Play and enjoy the five reel slot 20,000 Leagues slot in the Jules Verve tournament event. The first prize is a huge $600! The Jules Verve tournament runs until June 6, 2021. The buy-ins and re-buys cost $5.

Online Slot tournaments are exciting

They let you compete against other slot players.Players love to play lotteries because they are easy to join and you can win big prizes. You will need to pay a small fee.In this short guide, we will teach you how slot tournaments work and where to find the best ones. Slot tournaments are games that you can play for a chance to win money.We have some tips for you. When you are playing with slots, we can help.

How Do Freeroll Slot Tournaments Work?

Slot tournaments are very easy. Players sign up in advance and get a slot machine number. They can use a specific amount of credits and they have a time limit to play.Players play against each other to get the most coins by the end of the time limit. The player with the most coins is crowned as the winner.

Sometimes people can play slots online. They might be in a casino. But they will all play the same game, but not always the same one. Slot tournaments are a fun way to play slots. They can have classic Vegas slot games, video slot games, or even progressive jackpot slots.

People who want to play in a tournament will have to pay an entry fee. Most of the time, this money is used for the cash prizes. The amount can be big! In a slot tournament, 1,000 players each pay $100. That makes a total of $100,000 in prizes. Even if you are not the best player, prizes can be given to people who are not the number 1.

Besides winning money, players can still win prizes from casinos. These prizes include:



  • Free spins
  • A Free Hotel Rooms
  • Raffle prizes
  • No Deposit Casino Bonuses
  • Free Drinks Or Meals
  • Welcome Party


Even if you don’t win a prize, you will usually be given more in credits during a slot tournament than the cost of the entry fee. Slot tournaments are popular because players’ bankrolls last for a long time.

How to Win a Slot Tournament?

In slot tournaments, there are slots with a certain amount of time and credits. You might win coins if you earn enough. To win the slot tournament, you have to get more coins than other people. You can do this by playing a lot of games and by being lucky.


  • Get enough sleep– A slot tournament is a way to play games quickly.
  • Avoid drinking – Caffeine can give you energy. But if it makes you go to the bathroom a lot, then you can’t play games for very long.
  • Ignore the Leaderboard – You might want to check where you rank in the game. But the scoreboard changes every second. The only important thing is your final score.
  • Manage your bankroll – Choose the slot tournaments you want to join carefully. Find ones that offer good rewards for your money, good games, and a decent ratio of prizes to total number of players.
  • Use all of your credits –Casinos take all the money you win in a slot tournament. But they let you keep the credits. So use those up!


2021 Preakness Stakes Betting Props, Odds, Parlays, Contests

2021 Preakness Stakes Betting Props, Odds, Parlays, Contests Bet The Preakness Online

The most awaited weekend within the horse racing community is here with us – the 146th edition of the Preakness Stakes will take place this Sunday May 15th and we’re very pleased to see Medina Spirit cleared to run. The Kentucky Derby winner could still be disqualified from that race, yet ultimately win the Preakness. Get ready to bet the Preakness online at, or

How To Bet The Preakness Online

Expectations are high as the 146th edition of the Preakness Stakes will take place this Sunday May 15, 2021. But we’re very pleased to see Medina Spirit cleared to run thus Sunday for the 146th edition of Preakness Stakes will take place. We are happy to see that Medina Spirit is cleared to run. The horse named Medina Spirit could be disqualified from the Kentucky Derby, but it could still win the Preakness once you bet the Preakness online.

Without a “winner” from the Kentucky Derby, this race would be struggling “to keep up with Kardashian” ratings. Here are the things we have for sale. They are all first-to-market. We will add more props this week. Make sure you bookmark our site after signing up for our free newsletter and signing up for BetOnline or SportsBetting to claim exclusive welcome bonuses and free bet offers.

Preakness Stakes Betting Odds

Medina Spirit +200
Concert Tour +265
Midnight Bourbon +600
Crowded Trade +1200
Risk Taking +1200
Rombauer +1200
Keepmeinmind +1600
Unbridled Honor +2200
France Go de Ina +2500
Ram +3300

On Friday, there will be 4 races. And on Saturday, there will be 5 races including the Preakness. The Black Eyed Susan is on Friday’s schedule. Below  are the latest Preakness Stakes proposition bets.

Current Preakness Stakes Prop Bets

  • Top 3

  • To finish last

  • 8 head-to-head matchups

  • Triple Crown Yes/No

  • Winning Time

  • Winning Distance

  • Starting Gate of the Winner?

  • Wire-to-Wire Winner?

  • Bob Baffert to Train the Winner?

  • Bob Baffert Triple Crown with 3 different horses?


BetOnline And SportsBetting invites you to take part in 3 contests. You can win prizes like cash and prizes.

Preakness Stakes $10,000 MatchUps Betting Contest

Enter a contest to win $10,000 called the Preakness Stakes MatchUps Contest. This contest closes on Sunday May 15th at 6:45 PM ET.If you want to get a prize, you need to bet at least $10 on the Preakness. You can do this either in the Sportsbook or in the Racebook.

NHL $10,000 Play-Offs Betting Predictor

NHL $10,000 Play-Offs Predictor: Players can turn their NHL Playoff predictions into free sportsbook funds when they bet on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.All you need to do is put in your answer and bet $25 on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

NBA $50,000 Playoffs Betting Bracket

For the NBA $10,000 Playoffs Bracket, each entry to this fantastic contest is only $5 and each player can purchase up to 5 entries!The contest starts in May 2021 with the beginning of the NBA betting playoffs. You can buy entries now until 7:15 on Saturday, May 24th. Only completed brackets are eligible for prizes. So, make sure to choose your entries wisely. Once submitted, you cannot edit them.

eSports Betting Parlays

The esports perfect parlay contest will run every week when there are tournaments.A bet of $50 is needed for any esports betting match this week if you want to take part in the perfect parlay next week. You have until midnight on Sunday to make your predictions for next week. This is a game where you need to predict the outcomes of matches. You do this by looking at the handicap column.

If you correctly predict each of the games and meet the necessary bet requirement, you must send an email to BetOnline within 72 hours after completion of the last listed game to claim your $5,000.Please put the words “Esports Perfect Parlay Winner” as the subject line in your message. Include your username in the body of the email.

If you do not claim your winnings within the time frame, you will lose them.If no one correctly guesses all the games, we will not award the prize money that week. If people predict all of the games for a week, they will win money. When they do, the prize money will be divided evenly between them.

If a match is canceled, it will be counted as a loss. You can only submit one entry, and you will not be able to enter more than one time. BetOnline can change, add or take away this contest without telling you. Standard Terms and Conditions apply. We hope you win any of the contests you enter. We wish you the best of luck when you bet the Preakness online or any event.

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Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments

Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Up To $999 In GTD Online Poker Tournaments

If you’re looking for a way to win guaranteed cash prizes playing online poker tournaments, then Triple 9 GTD online poker tournaments are the perfect solution. Intertops Poker is the only site where players can play in these special events and be 100% sure of winning something! In this article, we will discuss the easy steps to help you win guaranteed cash prizes playing in the Triple 9 GTD online poker tournaments at Intertops Poker.Sign up for Intertops Poker offers games from Horizon Poker Network, Betsoft, Worldmatch, Lucktap, & Nucleus. Intertops Red offers Realtime Gaming, while Intertops Sportsbook proprietary software. You can play games for real money and Bitcoin from WGS (Wager Gaming Solutions) at Intertops Classic. Make money online fast promoting Intertops by joining Intertops Affiliates!

intertops classic casino

How to Win Guaranteed Cash Prizes Playing in Triple 9 GTD Online Poker Tournaments

Officially, the name of this tourney is called “Intertops Poker’s Triple 9: 9 $999 GTD Poker Tournaments”. Intertops Poker is starting a new series on Monday with 9 tournaments that have prize pools of $999.This week, Intertops Poker is hosting nine poker tournaments. Each one has a prize pool of $999. This is a game where you buy-in for $29. You start with 999 chips and can re-enter nine times. Luckily, the tournament starts this afternoon and runs until May 27, 2021.

The Significance Of The Number 9

The number 999 means completion. 9 is the last single digit, so if you see this number everywhere, it may be because something has ended or is going to be completed soon.


The Triple 9’s poker tournament starts on May 17, 2021, and ends on May 27, 2021. These online poker tournaments run every weekday at 4:05 PM EST. For Texas Hold’em, there are 9 maximum re-entries. The buy-in costs $27+2, which totals $29. There will be 9 min blinds and players will start with 999 starting chips.

To get a seat at the table, people should go to the Tournament Lobby. They can do this in either the download version of the poker client or in the instant play poker app. Triple 9 tournaments are listed on the busy poker site.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Online poker Tournaments

Online poker has been around for a long time. People have played it since the 1930s and it is popular now.Now, that low/mid-stakes players cannot always afford to go to the festivals where they are well known, people have started going online instead.

There are many online platforms that come up every day. They have different tournaments for different players. We cannot overlook them FTR poker.This virtual platform well recognizes the scenario of poker in India and provides a lot of opportunities in the domestic sphere. It has a modified and new game for people who like to play poker. And here are some benefits of playing online:

Play and earn money at home: Some people like to play poker online. You can do it at home, and you can also play with people around the world. And if you are playing for money, you can choose the game that is right for your budget.

Flexibility: Poker is fun to play at home. You can stop playing anytime you want, and then start up again. You can use different devices to log on. This is not like in a casino where you have to stay until the game is over.
Offerings: Online poker has many different games and types of formats. One game is called FTR poker, which is like a casino. There are cash games, tournaments and Sit and Gos.
Observation skills:Playing poker is a good game to play. It can help you with your memory and concentration. You need to make quick decisions, but know what you are doing at the same time. If you have skills, correct observation and patience, then decisions will be better.
More hands, more profit: Have you tried multi-tabling in a poker tournament? It is different than on the internet. You can play more hands when you are playing live.


Juicy Stakes Casino: Free Chips On Gambling Games If You Make Bitcoin Casino Deposits

Juicy Stakes Casino Free Chips On Gambling Games If You Make Bitcoin Casino Deposits

Bitcoin is the new currency of the 21st century, and it’s not just for buying goods online. It has also become a great way to gamble! With Juicy Stakes Casino, you can get free chips on gambling games if you make Bitcoin casino deposits. There are many other advantages that come with using this form of currency like no third-party interference or high fees from banks. Sign up for Juicy Stakes Casino through our links, videos and banners to claim free chips on real money gambling games if you make Bitcoin casino deposits.

How To Claim Free Chips On Gambling Games If You Make Bitcoin Casino Deposits At Juicy Stakes Casino?

The Juicy Stakes casino is giving free spins to players that deposit with bitcoins. Another Blackjack Quest promo also begins on Monday. During Bitcoin Free Spins Week, Juicy Stakes Casino has two slot games, Safari Sam 2 and Stampede. Between May 17, 2021, and May 23, 2021, slot players at Juicy Stakes Casino that make Bitcoin casino deposits can get up to 75 free spins plus win up to $250.

Players that use bitcoins to deposit get the freest spins – 45 extra. Everyone who deposits $25 will play Safari Sam 2 for 30 free rounds, but those that make a bitcoin deposit will be given 15.If you put at least $50 in, you will get 60 free spins. If you put in Bitcoin, then you will get 75 free spins.


Take action now at Juicy Stakes Casino because you can only claim free chips on real money gambling games when you make Bitcoin casino deposits from May 17, 2021, through May 23, 2021. If you deposit $25 or higher, use the bonus code SAFARICOIN. As a result, you will receive 30 free spins on Safari Sam 2 but 45 free spins if you make your casino deposit using Bitcoin.

To claim 60 free spins (+15 with Bitcoin = 75) on Stampede, make a $50 deposit or higher and use the Bitcoin deposit bonus code BITRUN. There is a 30X wagering requirement attached to this bonus. Before we tell you about more advantages of using Bitcoin to gamble online anonymously, we will discuss the online blackjack quest.


This month, you can play Blackjack. There are different ways to win. You might get a natural blackjack or a colored blackjack or an all clubs blackjack. These games will last until May 22nd so hurry up! There are four types of Blackjack in this game. If two or more natural Blackjacks are found in a game, they will also be considered as a Blackjack.

Advantage Of Using Bitcoin To Gamble Online Anonymously

Bitcoin is a new type of money that people use to pay for things. People can trade it for other types of money. It had a head start in 2009, but now it is well-known and you can buy things with it online without middlemen.While some people may make fun of Bitcoin and the blockchain, there are more and more organizations that admit it could be a key to the new age in global finance.

Bitcoin is not controlled by a single person or group. You can use it without anyone telling you what to do. Nobody can take your money from you or stop you from using it.

You don’t get taxed for your purchases. This is because there is no central authority that regulates Bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin is a type of digital money that you can use to buy things with. It is safe because your payment information can’t be stolen. Bitcoin doesn’t need personal information, so it will protect you from identify theft. Once the Bitcoin has been sent, it’s gone. The sender cannot take back his money, so it is less risky for the seller.

Bitcoin gives you privacy. No one knows who you are even if they know your Bitcoin address. It is also transparent because anyone can find out information about addresses and their balances in a public ledger.

Transferring bitcoins is easy. It does not matter where you are or who you want to send coins to. With bitcoin, transferring money is fast and simple.

Zero or low transaction fees. There are no middlemen in Bitcoin network, so there is no one who will charge you for anything. But there might be other costs, like the price of sending money from your account to someone else or converting Bitcoin into another currency.


Enjoy Free Spins Week Playing Nucleus Gaming Slots and Blackjack Games

Enjoy Free Spins Week Playing Nucleus Gaming Slots and Blackjack Games

Nucleus Gaming software is a leading provider of online casino games and player-centric slots. The company’s products are designed to provide the ultimate entertainment experience on desktop or mobile devices. Nucleus Gaming offers players access to over 500 different casino games, including live dealer roulette and blackjack, as well as sports betting and poker rooms with Intertops Poker. In this article we will talk about some of the benefits you will enjoy when playing at Nucleus Gaming Slots. We will also tell you the benefits of playing at Intertops Poker and their free spins week plus their online blackjack Quest event.Sign up for Intertops Poker offers games from Horizon Poker Network, Betsoft, Worldmatch, Lucktap, & Nucleus. Intertops Red offers Realtime Gaming, while Intertops Sportsbook proprietary software. You can play games for real money and Bitcoin from WGS (Wager Gaming Solutions) at Intertops Classic. Make money online fast promoting Intertops by joining Intertops Affiliates!

intertops classic casino

Start To Enjoy Free Spins Week Playing Nucleus Gaming Slots and Blackjack Games

Online casinos like Intertops Poker give you money when you sign up. You get even more money if you refer a friend. However, one type of bonus you can get is free spins. When you play slots online for real money, sometimes you get a free spin or multiple free spins. You can take a few rounds on a game, and it’s just for fun. This no deposit bonus type will make beginners, and experienced gamblers come back again and again. Officially, the name of this online casino bonus promotion is called “Intertops Poker Giving Free Spins on Four New Slots from Nucleus Gaming This Week”.

This week, go to the real money casino games section at Intertops Poker. You will get bonus spins on four more new games that came from Nucleus Gaming this week. Lucky Clovers, Runes of Odin, Catch & Release, and Cardinal Dragons have free spins that can win you up to $250 this free spins week.

About Free Spins Week At Intertops Poker

There are many new real money casino games to try – how do you know where you start?! Well, this week, you can start by participating in free spins week at Intertops Poker. There are four of the most popular online slots games from Nucleus Gaming you can earn free spins on.


On May 17, 2021, Intertops Poker starts their free spins week by offering free spins on four or the most popular online slot machines from Nucleus Gaming. Until May 23, 2021, if you make a $25 deposit or higher, you can claim 30 free spins on Lucky Clovers if you use the coupon code CLOVER25. To claim 60 free spins on the Runes of Odin slot machine, make a $50 deposit and use the no deposit bonus code FRIGG50

If you deposit $75 or more, use the no deposit bonus code PIKE75 to claim 80 free spins on Catch & Release slots. To earn 100 free spins on
Cardinal Dragons, make a $100 deposit or higher and enter the coupon code WYVERN100. Read the terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Free spins week comes with a 30X wagering requirement.

Before we tell you about the benefits of free spins week, we want to tell readers about a $150 BLACKJACK QUEST.

Win $150 When You Land The Right Hand In Online BLACKJACK QUEST

Intertops Poker is having its popular online blackjack quest from May 17, 2021, through May 22, 2021. This month marks the return of a game called Blackjack Quest. A player can win $150 if they get a series of winning hands. The four cards that you need in order to win the game of Blackjack are one Natural Blackjack, one Colored Blackjack, one all Clubs Blackjack, and two or more natural Blackjacks.

What Are The Benefits of Free Spins?

One of the most popular marketing tools in casinos today is the free spin offer. It’s a great way to engage players and get them excited about what they might win from playing those online slots games, including Nucleus Gaming Slots. Some games give you free spins. That’s good for the players because they get to play more without having to pay.

1- Easily Claim Free Spins

To get free spin no deposit bonus, you have to register an account on the casino. Provide personal details, like your name and email address. Once the casino verifies your account, select the option for free spins. Then play! Most online casinos will ask you to enter a promo code. You can see it on the homepage or they might send it to you.

2- There Is No Cash Commitment

You do not need to put any money in your account when you are playing a no-deposit free spin bonus. Register at an online casino. Then you can play games for free, earn money, and learn how to play before you put your own money on the table.

3- Enter For Your Chance To Win Real Money

The popularity of the free spin no deposit bonus is because you can win money without spending any from your account. Some online casinos even let you withdraw the winnings. In order to withdraw your winnings, you have to meet the requirements.

4- Free Spins Bonuses Are Widely Available

Free spins no deposit bonus is a reward given by online casinos. It is not difficult to find an offer for free spins bonus. Most online casinos use this offer to attract new players. When you play in a casino, it’s good to get the offers. You can find these on the home pages of websites that have casinos.

About Intertops Poker

Interstops Poker is a poker website with 1000+ games that you can play. They have many slot and table games from 4 companies.