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Catskills Prove No Panacea For Casinos

Catkills Resorts World new york state gaming commission

For those people who believe that legalizing and regulating casino gambling is a cure for the financial ills of a particular state, or who are fully convinced that there is an automatic windfall to found in blackjack, dice games and slot machines, a study of the experiences they’re having in the Catskills is worth a long look.

The problems endured by Empire Resorts, which operates the Resort World Catskills Casino in Monticello, NY indicate that a different perspective is definitely needed.

The New York State Gaming Commission Wants To Reduce Slot Machines?

When you have a casino in New York, it’s supposed to be a license to print money, right? Well, for the last two quarters, Empire has filed a total of $73 million in losses. In what might even be considered an artificial maneuver, they have actually petitioned the New York State Gaming Commission to be able to reduce the number of slot machines that casinos are required to have on the floor, which would increase the “win per unit” and offer the impression – the illusion, if you will – that the casino is doing better.

So what has happened to cause all this trouble? Well, much of it can be attributed to the mad rush on the part of most states to gobble up their share of the gambling market – something that has gotten even bigger because of the Supreme Court decision that overturned a federal law and enabled sports betting.

What has been established is an atmosphere where, especially in the Northeast, casinos in one state are invariably close to those in another. And there is a certain cannibalization that takes place because of the saturation of the market. The bottom line is that it’s not so easy anymore.

It’s Not Just New York, It’s New Jersey & Pennsylvania?

On top of that, if states don’t act quickly, they run the risk of being at a disadvantage. That’s what happened in New York, where they were late to the table in legalizing casinos. And a bill to legalize sports betting through mobile devices has still not been passed, which means that neighboring states – like New Jersey and Pennsylvania – are benefiting from the action.

Disadvantages that Resorts World Catskills Have Against The Tribal Casinos?

There is also an embedded disadvantage that casinos like the Resorts World Catskills have against the tribal casinos in the state of New York – they are paying higher taxes on their games. So they have naturally been lobbying to get lower rates.

And depending on where one is in the state, customers could get siphoned off by any number of places. Of course, there are the two major tribal casinos in Connecticut – the Foxwoods Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino – not to mention a new Wynn casino in Boston and MGM’s casino in Springfield, MA. And the tribal interests of the Mohegans and Pequots are set to expand in Connecticut.

There is a campaign to induce lawmakers to approve mobile sports betting in the next session, so some of the New York casinos can start catching up. And there is talk of having at least one, and possibly three casinos in New York City or right outside of it.

And that is another subject of widespread discussion – location, location, location. The Catskills were once a very popular destination for tourists, particularly in the summer. And it was hoped that the casinos could help revive the area. That has not been the case.

Industry analysts point out that casinos that hope to be successful in the future have to be built in close proximity to a major population center, simply because they would be so accessible to potential customers who could commute, and where being a “resort destination” wasn’t so critical.

So now Empire Resorts is seeking a solution that is “the best alternative available to Empire’s stockholders,” partnering with Genting Malaysia to buy the shareholders out, effectively making themselves a private company. But that doesn’t the “geography” of things, which has now served to work against them.

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Site-Wide Progressive Jackpot Winner From New York Wins $281K Playing Slots

Site-Wide Progressive Jackpot Winner From New York Wins $281K Playing Slots

One of the best online casinos accepting US players (and people all over the world) pays out over a quarter of a million dollars this week. However, this jackpot winner was playing the Vegas Vibes slot machine courtesy of Slotland Casino. When you hear about someone winning big, it is usually the gold mega ball Powerball jackpot. With millions of lottery tickets sold, gamblers that have the winning ticket take the million cash option playing Mega Millions, Powerball, or other lottery games. However, this woman strikes it rich, playing progressive jackpot games. Obviously, she doesn’t win 108.5 million and gets paid over 30 years. That said, she takes home over $250,000 after paying her federal taxes?

How Does This Jackpot Winner From New York Win $281K Playing Slots?

Yes, straight out of the The State Of New York Barbara M doesn’t waste her time playing the lottery official numbers. However, he hits over a quarter million jackpot-winning, exactly $281,221. While most people wait to see the winning numbers from the white balls on the mega millions jackpot, Barbara M scores big playing Vegas Vibes slots from Slotland. Guess what, you can too!

Barbara M is a resident of the state of New York that works as a retail clerk. Furthermore, she is also a loving mother and grandmother, who plans on spoiling her family (especially her grandchildren). Recently, this US friendly casino interviews her for an official press release. Michael Hillary is the Slotland casino manager. He says, “It’s been a while since our progressive jackpot was last hit.” Shortly after that, he says “It had a chance to climb to a near record-breaking amount so Barbara got quite a pay-out!”.

5 Elvis Symbols On Vegas Vibes Slots Beats Playing The Mega Millions Lottery

Last weekend, Barbara forgot about the Mega Millions and Powerball lottery jackpot. Ultimately, she spins the reels playing Vegas Vibes and score five Elvis symbols while betting the maximum. As a result, Barbara hits the site-wide progressive jackpot.

In the official press release, she goes on the record. First of all, she says, “I was so shocked! After that, she says s“I’m planning a shopping spree for toys with my grandkids. And we want a new BBQ. We’re going to go to New York in the fall – it’ll be our first time, so we’re very excited about that!”

Later in the interview, she tells Slotland casino manager “I’ve been playing at Slotland for a long time. It’s my favorite casino,” she said. “I got a new tablet last year so play a lot! Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t, but Slotland is always fair and friendly, and they give a lot of bonuses!” Naturally, the online casino manager asks her if she has any advice for other slots players. She says “Just keep playing and keep trying.”

Remember, the majority of the unique slot machines from Slotland offer gamblers the chance to win the site-wide progressive jackpot. It doesn’t seem long ago that John W. wins $286,206 after he plays Leprechaun Luck slots. After his win, the site-wide progressive jackpot resets to $50,000. After a long time, the site-wide progressive jackpot grows to $281,221.

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New York Casino Looks to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling

New York Casino Looks to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling | Gaming News

When most people think of the real money gambling floor at a land-based casino, they probably think of an indoor venue that is filled with slot machines and other video gaming machine in one central area or around the perimeter of the casino floor. If the casino also offers table games such as craps, roulette and blackjack, the tables would be located in a separate section of that floor or in the center of the room.

Today’s sophisticated real money casino patron is looking for more from the gambling venues they visit in the form of added amenities that enhance the entire experience. Outdoor dining and drinking have become common place in many restaurants and entertainment venues, so expanding that concept to outdoor gambling is just a natural progression for casinos with the ability to do so.

When Will New York Casinos Look to Expand Its Outdoor Gambling?

In a recent post on by Michael DeMasi as a reporter for the Albany Business Review, a land-based casino in Schenectady is seeking permission to expand its offering of slot machines on an outdoor patio. Rivers Casino and Resort is looking to attract more business in the outdoor portion of its venue by increasing the number of slot machines that are already located on its patio.

The casino is expected to petition the New York State Gaming Commission to add 24 more machines outside from its existing inventory of 1,150 total machines. This would simply be a relocation of assets from its indoor casino floor to its outdoor gambling venue. If approved, this would double the amount of slot machines patrons could gamble on outdoors to 48.

Justin Moore is the vice president and general manager of Rivers Casino and Resort in Schenectady and he was quoted in the Bizjournals’ report as saying that the addition of the new slots outdoors are “part of Rivers Casino’s ongoing commitment to enhance guest experience.”

The casino originally opened in February of 2017. Along with the 1,150 slot machines, it also offers 67 table for games such as craps, roulette, and blackjack. There is also a separate room for poker with 16 tables. The casino also offers gambling options for video poker and keno.

New York Casino offers gambling options for video poker and keno

Business continues to expand since first opening it doors to the betting public. According to a local news service (the Daily Gazette) gross gaming revenue has increased at a rate of 15 percent over a span of six months as compared to the gross revenue taken in during that same time frame last year.

A spokesperson for the New York State Gaming Commission stated that the application for the relocation of the 24 slot machines from inside the casino floor to the outside patio has yet to be received. The report did not mention an exact time frame for doing so but it did mention that Mr. Moore will be pursing the matter through the necessary application process.

As relayed on the Rivers Casino and Resort website, , the casino’s rewards program for customer loyalty is known as the Rush Rewards Players Club. Benefits include monthly bonus offers, free play on slot machines, dining discounts and priority valet parking.

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Del Lago Casino Petitions New York for Tax Relief

Del Lago Casino Petitions New York State Government for Tax Relief | News

Del Lago Casino Petitions New York State Government for Tax Relief? NBC news affiliate 2WGRZ recently reported that ownership from del Lago Resort and Casino traveled to Albany to meet with Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration earlier this month. In the post by Joseph Spector and Jon Campbell, the June 12 meeting took place with members the governor’s budget division. The primary goal was to seek out a lower tax rate or some other form of financial relief for the Waterloo casino property located in New York’s Finger Lakes region.

Representing del Lago Casino was Thomas Wilmot. He is the co-owner of del Lago Casino, who made his fortune as a Rochester shopping mall magnate. His foray into New York’s real money casino industry has apparently failed to live up to expectations.

How Is Del Lago Casino Going To Get New York State Government Tax Relief?

While the specifics of the meeting were not released after a spokesperson for del Lago declined to comment on the proceedings, it most likely revolved around lower tax rates on real money casino gambling. Mr. Wilmot is no stranger to the State Capital in Albany. His most recent attempt to push the legislature for lower taxes before this month’s meeting took place earlier this year ahead of the new state budget that was passed in March.

He was quoted in this report as saying, “I think we need some help at this point, and what the future holds, time will tell,” when speaking to the USA Today Network’s Albany Bureau during that March timeframe.

The del Lago Casino and Resort opened in February of 2017 at a cost of $440 billion and by all accounts, it has failed to meet its revenue projections. Some options for relief would be a decrease in tax rates that would have to be passed into law by state legislators. Other options that could be pursued would involve the administrative arm of the state Gaming Commission to help the casino’s revenue picture. The governor’s office has been reluctant to most of Mr. Wilmot’s request for aid or tax relief and Gov. Cuomo himself has rejected any type of bailout for the struggling Finger Lakes gambling resort.

Will The Tax Relief Help Get More Jobs At Del Lago Casino?

The governor did acknowledge back in March that the state’s real money casino industry was struggling. However, he was quick to add, “But they’re private concerns, and I don’t want to get into the business of bailing out private concerns,” in his comments to reporters at that time.

Also on record as being opposed to any form of financial relief is Assembly Racing Committee chairman Gary Pretlow as a Democratic legislator from Mount Vernon. He has not spoken directly with anyone from del Lago and a recent statement on the matter quoted in this report was rather blunt, “If they have a beef, it’s with their consultants who did the numbers.”

Legislative activity at the Senate level could be seeking more transparency with the state’s four real money casino properties. It was reported that Senate Finance Committee Chairwoman Catherine Young as a Republican from Olean has introduced a bill that would require each casino to disclose financial information as it pertains to vendor contracts, existing dept, and executive salaries as part of the process to receive any type of future tax break.

Find Del Lago Casino at 1133 NY-414, Waterloo in New York. The zip code is 13165 and the contact information is (315) 946-1777 or visits their official website at At Del Lago, you can have the most entertaining experience at the Finger Lakes area’s latest addition to their community. If you like an adrenaline rush, you can explore the thrills of gaming as well as live entertainment. Also, enjoy the spa, hotel, and restaurants in a relaxing environment.

Located in Waterloo, New York, Wilmorite and Peninsula Pacific owns The The Del Lago Resort. JNB Gaming opens the property in 2017 with an overhead cost of four hundred forty million.