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New Ownership At The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park

nevada's eureka resort new hampshire casino seabrook greyhound park

With only eight casinos in the state, The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park appears to have new ownership. Recently, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort purchases the Seabrook Greyhound Park. Ultimately, their goal is to transform the resort into a top entertainment and real money gambling destination.

Indeed, you can find The Eureka Casino Resort In The State Of Nevada. Ultimately, this Nevada-based resort casino business purchases Seabrook Greyhound Park for an undisclosed price. The Seabrook has seventy-five acres and ninety thousand square feet for gaming, entertainment and much more. Since 1973, this park has been a premium destination for off-track betting, charitable casino gaming, and live racing.

The New Hampshire Casino Seabrook Greyhound Park Makes Changes In Phases

According to the official website,, they are making changes in phases. First of all, the new ownership will change the old historic Seabrook Park. Furthermore, they are going to try to make this space into one of the most premier gambling and entertainment destinations on the East Coast. Additionally, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort is calling this new space “the original and greatest purebred dog – the Greyhound”.

Unlike most casinos in New Hampshire, it appears that this resort wants to have slot machines. Obviously, slot machines are a big revenue booster. However, The State Of New Hampshire makes dog racing illegal in 2008. As a result, the old owners lose out on taking bets on dog races.

An Approximate Purchase Price?

While the sale takes place with an undisclosed price, we found that The Seabrook Greyhound Park allegedly had an appraisal in 2015. In the recent appraisal in 2015, the entire property reportedly appraises for five million seven hundred thousand dollars. Would The Nevada based casino company pay more for this resort? Well, this remains unknown.

Turning The New Hampshire Casino Into A Profitable Gambling And Entertainment Destination

The new owners, Nevada’s Eureka Casino Resort seems like they have high aspirations for this Racino or Racetrack with a table game. Ultimately, it takes around thirty minutes to get to the Seabrook Greyhound Park from the city of Boston, Massachusetts. In a recent article from the Portsmouth Herald, they report that the new owner details that they don’t want to lobby legislators. Instead, they want to ask The Granite State for permission to increase the entertainment and gambling floor inside the ninety thousand square foot Rockingham County enterprise. However, it appears that they don’t want to make the casino more modern? Additionally, another source says they don’t want to make the off-track betting or poker rooms more modern either.

• Source: 100% Employee-Owned Resort Casino Company Buys Seabrook Greyhound Park From On January 31, 2019.

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