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Jimmy Kimmel Opens a New Comedy Club in Las Vegas

jimmy kimmels comedy club las vegas

Jimmy Kimmel is best known for his late-night talk show on ABC. The show is appropriately called ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and it continues to receive rave reviews. He has established himself as one of the top hosts in the entertainment industry. However, other career credits include comedian, writer and producer. You can now add comedy club owner to the list. Recently, it seems that Jimmy Kimmel is opening a new comedy club in Las Vegas.

When Will Jimmy Kimmel Open a New Comedy Club in Las Vegas?

Kimmel has deep roots in Las Vegas after moving there at the tender age of nine. He recently celebrated the grand opening of Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club at The LINQ Promenade. Details of the opening celebration on Friday, June 14, 2019.

The club is a working partnership with Caesars Entertainment. If first opened for business in early May, but last Friday’s grand opening brought the stars to town. Along with his ex-girlfriend Sara Silverman, Chris Tucker, Pete Holmes and long-time sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez took part in the celebration.

A few of the other celebrities spotted at the club were Las Vegas Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, chef Gordon Ramsay and Bill Simmons, who is the founder of The Ringer. Kimmel also had a long list of friends and family members in the crowd.

Tony Rodio is the CEO and President of Caesars Entertainment. He was quoted as saying:

“It’s a pleasure to celebrate what I am certain will be a long partnership with Jimmy Kimmel at The LINQ Promenade. I can tell you that the venue reflects a true creative collaboration between Jimmy, his team and friends, as well as Caesars, to create a Comedy Club that’s an ideal, intimate setting for the performers and audience.”

Rodio and Caesars Entertainment

One of the gifts presented to Kimmel by Rodio and Caesars Entertainment was an authentic UNLV Running Rebels 1990 NCAA National Championship ring. Kimmel went on to thank the entire Caesars Entertainment team for their support in this project. He also added:

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“The best part of it is when I come to Las Vegas, I have a great place to hang and see some really great comedians. The club already feels like home given the bar area was designed to look like my bar at home. I’m really excited for our guests to try the cocktails and food selections as many were inspired by my friends and family.”

The stated goal of the club is to capture the spirit of classic Vegas. Old-school Las Vegas is a reoccurring theme with many of the new casino, restaurant and entertainment venues opening for business these days. There will be late night shows, surprise guests and high-end casual cuisine. The club will also be decorated with plenty of memorabilia from his career as well as other famous Nevada entertainers.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy Club is duel-level 8,000 square-foot venue. It boasts an expandable showroom that can accommodate up to 300 guests. The club will showcase house-hold named comedians along with up-and-coming talent. All shows will be curated by Kimmel’s staff with input from the late-night star as well. The bar opens at 4 p.m. daily with live performances from Thursday through Sunday starting at 8 p.m.

• Source: Jimmy Kimmel Opens Las Vegas Comedy Club, Surprise Lineup Includes Sarah Silverman From On June 15, 2019.

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Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

las vegas mgm wynn poker blackjack bitcoin

Casino gambling and legal sports betting continue to expand all across the nation. More and more states are turning to various forms of gambling to fill the growing void in government budgets. Whether it is expansion into land-based casinos or online casino sites, this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

Las Vegas is still original casino gambling capital of the world. It also still takes center stage when it comes to the hottest trends and biggest news stories in the industry. In a recent interview posted on, investment insider John Navin sits down with Anthony Curtis for a one-on-one interview.

See How Las Vegas Advisor’s Top Dog Weighs-in On Pressing Matters

The topic was Las Vegas, and in particular, MGM, Wynn, poker, blackjack, and Bitcoin. Curtis moved to Las Vegas in the late 1970s to make a living playing blackjack. Flash forward to recent years and Curtis was named the World’s Greatest Blackjack Player at Max Rubin’s 2017 Blackjack Ball.

Among his many accomplishments, Curtis also publishes Las Vegas Advisor while running Huntington Press. Residing in Las Vegas for the past 40 years, he agreed to provide his insight into a few hot topics concerning this iconic gambling town.

Asked about MGM’s current business struggles, Curtis attributed the recent loss of 700 jobs to much-needed cost-cutting measures. He added, “the company was choking with debt and has to cut costs. They’re are doing what any company would.” The concern comes with the other business practice of added resort fees, paid parking, tighter odds and fewer comps. Competition in town is too tough to try and gouge the customers.

The share price of WYNN has dropped nearly 40 percent from its peak in 2018. Curtis attributed some of the losses to decreased play at a casino that relies heavily on high rollers. He specifically pointed out the loss of play for baccarat as the game of choice.

Bitcoin In Sin City

Curtis was asked about the impact of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the Las Vegas Nevada casino industry. His response stated:

“It’s been barely a blip. A couple of places installed kiosks, but they’ve made no appreciable impact. I don’t think much of the customer base tries to deal in crypto.”

The 50th anniversary of the World Series of Poker is one of the bigger events in Las Vegas this summer. Going back to his arrival in Las Vegas in 1979, this event was still staged at Benny Binion’s downtown casino, the Horseshoe Club.

When asked about the evolution of this event over the years, Curtis added, “it’s changed immensely.” Even though the boom from the early 2000s at the height of this event has waned, today’s WSOP continues to post some big numbers. His bold prediction was that “the new poker will be sports betting.”

For anyone looking to experience old-school Las Vegas from the 1950s and ’60s, the downtown area is still the place to go. He noted the following three restaurants for that nostalgic feel:

  1. Binion’s Steakhouse in Binion’s
  2. Second Street Grill in Freemont Casino
  3. Hugo’s in Four Queens Casino

• Source: Las Vegas Advisor’s Anthony Curtis On MGM, WYNN, Poker, Blackjack And Bitcoin From On June 10, 2019.

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Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt Ends in Deadly Gunfire

bellagio las vegas shooting

It is never a bright idea to try and rob a land-based casino. The added security measures, extra security personnel, and advanced alarm systems are a recipe for disaster for would-be thieves. If weapons are also involved in the burglary attempt, things can really go south in a bad way.

As part of a news report on from last Sunday, a robbery attempt at the Bellagio Las Vegas went about as south as it gets. The robbery attempt took place last Friday night at one of the most high-profile casino and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. It was reported that an armed man demanded money from a popular poker cage. He entered the casino floor and made his way toward the intended target. After demanding money from the poker cage, he quickly made his escape out of the north entrance.

How Does The Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt End in Deadly Gunfire?

Most of the details in this report were provided in a press conference later that night by Las Vegas police. The subject in question then tried to carjack a patron at the hotel valet. This was followed by a direct confrontation with uniformed officers present at the scene. The suspect turned and fired his weapon directly at one of those officers, striking him in the chest.

Kevin McMahill is an undersheriff with the Las Vegas Police Department. He told ABC News that the officer was shot “square in the chest.” In a very fortunate twist of fate, the bullet hit the officer’s cell phone before it bounced off into another part of his vest. McMahill added that “he was really lucky” when asked about the officer that was shot. The injured policeman was taken to a nearby medical facility where he was treated and released.

Another Shooting At Casinos On The Las Vegas Strip?

Another officer on the scene returned fire and struck the robbery suspect in his chest. The unidentified man was taken to the hospital for medical treatment before dying a few hours later. This was also according to the official police report.

In another unexpected twist, police were already on the scene at the Bellagio due to a report of a missing girl. The missing 12-year old had come to Las Vegas as part of a family trip. She was apparently lured away by an adult male. McMahill was also quoted in this incident as saying, “He lured her on the internet.”

The police were able to trace the child to the Bellagio where they then arrested the man in connection with this crime. Officers were in the casino’s surveillance room reviewing the CCTV footage pertaining to the missing girl at the same time they were “watching the robbery live” on security cameras according to McMahill’s added comments.
At least two groups of police were deployed to confront the robbery suspect outside the hotel. This is why they were able to intervene as quickly as they did.

An investigation is underway to see if a similar robbery at a Bellagio poker cage in November of 2017 is linked to this latest attempt. The thief from the first crime was never apprehended.

• Source: Alleged robber at Bellagio casino dies after trading gunfire with police on Las Vegas strip From On March 13, 2019.

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William Hill Sportsbook Expands Operations in Las Vegas

William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill has been able to quickly establish itself as one of the premier sportsbooks in the US sports betting industry. Originally based in the UK, the company’s first expansion into the US market was in Nevada. It created a presence in the Bahamas and more recently in New Jersey and West Virginia as its newest sports betting markets. Business has grown rapidly in all these markets with more than 115 locations in Nevada alone. This has made William Hill the sports betting leader in the US.

A recent post on the Las Vegas Sun’s website detailed the company’s latest business venture. Pending regulatory approval, it will take over the sportsbook operations at M Resort this May. Casino owner Penn National Gaming made the announcement earlier this week. Located in Henderson, M Resort is looking to expand its presence in the highly competitive sports betting arena. Partnering with such a high-profile partner as William Hill is a major step towards accomplishing that goal.

When Will William Hill Sportsbook Expand Their Operations To Las Vegas?

This move will replace Las Vegas-based CG Technology as the previous operator of the casino’s sportsbook. This company also runs the books at the Venetian, Palazzo, Cosmopolitan, Tropicana, Hard Rock, Silverton and the Palms. A spokesman for CG Technology pointed out that the company could not agree on a new lease arrangement with Penn National. The current lease expires in April.

Ameet Patel is the senior vice president of regional operations for Penn National. He was quoted as saying: “We have an active sportsbook at M Resorts, and we think our guests will benefit greatly from William Hill’s expertise.”

Indeed, Parikshat Khanna is the CEO of CG Technology. Furthermore, he says. “We want everyone to know that we’re still going to operate the book through April 30. Also, this includes the peak March Madness period. With our lease ending, we mutually agree to not renew it. Moreover, we want to thank M Resort’s management team. Additionally, we thank their employees for their support during our partnership.”

Most of William Hill’s expansion in Nevada has been online through its site. The site offers a zip code search to bettors find the nearest sportsbook or betting kiosk. It also offers How to Bet guides for a wide array of sports. At the top of the list is football followed by basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing, and soccer. It also offers guides for sports betting terminology, lines, odds and anything else related to betting on sports.
bovada esports betting apps

William Hill Sportsbook Offers A Mobile Sports Betting App

One of the company’s most popular innovations is a betting app for LIVE InPlay wagering. This allows sports bettors to wager on all the major sports as the games are taking place. You can continually bet adjusting sides, totals and money lines throughout the course of play. InPlay wagering is available at William Hill locations in Nevada. It is also offered through the William Hill Mobile Sports app to allows bets to be conveniently places at any time.

The company was founded back in 1934. It is registered on the London Stock Exchange and current revenues top $2.1 billion annually. It established William Hill US in 2012.


Las Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn Fights to Hold Onto His Casino Empire

Las Vegas Casino Mogul Steve Wynn Fights to Hold Onto His Empire

Alleged sex scandals and other inappropriate behavior have rocked any number of industries in recent months from the world of entertainment to politics and sports. One figure caught in the thick of things is Steve Wynn. He has become synonymous with all the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas Casinos and Wynn Resort have come to stand for. However, according to a recent article posted on , he could be in for the fight of his life just to maintain this status.

How Does Steve Wynn Plan To Hold Onto His Las Vegas Casino Empire?

The walls appear to be closing in on Wynn amid his sexual misconduct allegations. Earlier this month, he decided to step down from his company. His real issues are just starting to surface as he fights to hold onto his 11.8 percent financial stake in Wynn Resorts. He has stated that he has no intention of selling his stake, but he may have no choice in light of a current court battle dating all the way back to 2012.

Buying Back Some Of Their Debt?

The Bloomberg report states that Wynn Resorts wants to alter the terms of some of its bonds to avoid having to buy back some existing debt. Above all, this is the crux of a complicated three-way lawsuit that also involves Wynn’s ex-wife Elaine Wynn and a former business partner, Kazuo Okada.

Without a legal barrier to the sale of a large block of company shares, Wynn Resorts could be forced to buy back some of its existing debt. The price could be higher than its face value and its current market value. The company has $500 million in notes that do not mature until 2023, and they are trading around 99.9 cents on a dollar. Wynn Resorts could find itself in a situation where the buy-back price of these bonds would be at 101 cents on the dollar.

The Change-Of-Control’ Trigger

To ward off any market action that could hurt the company’s overall financial health, Wynn Resorts is looking to raise the ‘change-of-control’ trigger to 50 percent from its current level. The company has already made a $10 million offer to holders of the 2023 bonds to agree to the change in terms.

According to Bloomberg, ‘At the heart of this legal fight is a 2010 agreement that gave Steve Wynn control over Elaine Wynn’s and Okada’s shares. This month, he agreed to give up the control he had over Elaine’s portion and has also said that the pact no longer binds either party’. Also, this means that she can now sell her 9.4 percent stake in the company.

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Will The Alleged Steve Wynn Sex Scandal Hurt His Las Vegas Casinos Long Term?

Complicating the current lawsuit, Okada has argued that the 2010 agreement is still in effect. He also states that Wynn does not have the legal stature to give up control over his ex-wife’s shares.

Most importantly, this situation bears watching in the coming weeks. The Bloomberg report indicated that the first step towards any resolution should take place later this week. A Nevada state court judge has scheduled a hearing on the matter for March 2.

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