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Missourians Want To Limit The Amount Of Slot Machines In Missouri Casinos

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Some people love talking about and participating in real money casino gambling and sports betting. However, a lot of other people don’t like to gamble, nor do they want casino resorts near or close to their home. If you have ever been to Las Vegas Nevada, you know that you will see slot machines everywhere. When we say everywhere, we mean you can find different slot machine games at a convenience store. Once you get off the plane at The McCarran International Airport, you will see columns of electronic gambling games.

People that live in Nevada and folks that travel to Las Vegas expect to see this grand display of gambling games. However, when it happens in other states, a lot of folks get their back up. In this case, people that live in Missouri (known as Missourians) don’t like real money gambling in their state. In 1994, they voted to limit the number of casinos in Missouri. They were not successful the first time. In 2008, the Show-Me State passes legislation to limit the number of casino resorts in MO to thirteen.

Recently, The Show Me State introduces The HB 422 bill. Ultimately, this is a bill that proposes the expansion of casino gambling in Missouri. In fact, the bill can even bypass Missourians. On April 12, 2019, The Missouri Gaming Association misses a press release announcing an expansion of gambling throughout the state. According to the article, the gaming board says “the largest expansion of gambling since the Missouri casino industry was established in 1994. Furthermore, this allows thousands of new lottery slot machines at retail establishments throughout the state.”

While there still may be a limit on the number of casinos in Missouri, the gaming commission appears to try to introduce slot machines almost everywhere. For example, people may have video slots and classic slot machines in a restaurant, a truck stop, a convenience store, and a bar. Basically, this gambling expansion bill allows private companies to place slot machines on almost every corner.

Instead of having to drive or travel to an actual land casino resort, you may be able to head to your local bar and grill to play pokies. While this is great for THe MGA, Missourians are not happy about it. Ultimately, this can result in having a game of chance located in almost every place you can go to. Moreover, some folks feel that it is not the right thing to do. Would you want your children around slot machines and video poker when you go grocery shopping? Naturally, there is a time and a place for real money gambling right?

Well, maybe not if the MGA gets their way. The state of Missouri is a rural place to live and most folks don’t engage in real money gambling. While this may be entertaining to some people, it doesn’t seem like Missourians want to bet their online bank account.

• Source: Slot machines belong in Vegas and casinos, not all over rural Missouri From On April 23, 2019.

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