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Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

Over the last couple of years, a new trend in video game distribution and monetization has developed. The gaming companies now often give away the state-of-the-art titles that would have once cost at least 60 bucks completely free of charge. Or, it seems so, at least. The trick is in getting players to spend real money within the game. These kinds of in-game purchases are often the only way to gain any edge in the highly competitive gaming environment.So, Are Loot Boxes Just Gaming Or Real Money Gambling?

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Why Do People Feel Loot Boxes In Video Games Considered Real Money Gambling?

The most common mechanism for getting players to pony up cash is by offering “loot boxes”, scattered around in the game world. Players can purchase these loot boxes and obtain the goodies hidden within, usually new weapons or upgrades, outfits, skins, powers, or shields. However, the contents are hidden, and to see what’s inside the box, you first have to pay a real-money price, averaging around $3.

Paying A Real Money Price

In its essence, this monetization technique doesn’t differ that much from rolling the dice or spinning the slot reels. Since you have to pay beforehand, one could argue that it constitutes a gambling activity. To the people outside of the gaming world, this may sound silly, but there some serious money being spent every year on discovering the content of the loot boxes. One recent forecast predicts that, for these purposes, the gamers will spend over $50 billion in the next two years.

The issue has grown to the level that most countries are discussing it within their lawmaking institutions. One survey, conducted not so long ago, discovered that over two-thirds of members of the British parliament support the increased regulation of loot box purchases. On this side of the pond, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) proposed a bill last year that was supposed to ban the sale of loot boxes to children but it was quickly shut down.

The representatives of the gaming industry, however, reject the notion that loot boxes are a sort of gambling, claiming that the items purchased have no value in the world outside the game and can only be used for gaming purposes. Sheldon A. Evans, an assistant law professor at St. John’s University, argues that loot boxes are a game of chance and since the items have a perceived value, it should be considered gambling.

He also noted that fostering this kind of behavior with kids can often lead to serious gambling issues and addiction when they grow up.

The issue has become more serious during the Covid pandemic. As a lot of people were forced to spend more time at home, many resorted to spending hours playing video games in order to have some fun. This lead to an unprecedented surge in video game sales, totaling $175 billion in 2020, a 20% increase compared to last year. Spending on loot boxes alone has now easily surpassed the amount of money Americans spend on streaming and other video-on-demand services.

It remains to be seen how this issue will be handled over the next few years. Some games, such as Call of Duty were virtually unplayable on a serious level without loot box purchases. However, amid more vociferous criticism, the developers are beginning to dial it back a notch. The latest Call of Duty installments, Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, do not feature loot boxes, nor does the latest hit Cyberpunk 2077. Fortnite has made their loot boxes transparent last year making the purchases more similar to shopping than gambling. The ball is now in the lawmakers’ yard and creating limitations on what and how you can spend on loot boxes will go a long way in creating a safer gaming environment, especially for the young gamers.

• Source: Column: Are ‘loot boxes’ in video games a form of gambling? from On December 11, 2020.


Will Playstation 5 Impact The eSports Betting Industry?

How Will Playstation 5 Impact The eSports Betting Industry

The new PlayStation 5 console, released in November by Sony, is set to change the landscape of the gaming industry as we know it. The impact will be also felt in the blossoming eSports field which is set to undergo some serious changes. These changes will then have a further effect on the betting markets that follow the world of competitive gaming. PlayStation 4 was often a non-factor in the eSports scene and the people at Sony are hoping the new console will have a much more significant role to play in this industry.

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How Will Playstation 5 Impact The eSports Betting Industry?

eSports betting is one of the rare fields that saw some benefits from the whole situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. With most of the traditional sports on halt and live events canceled all around the world during the first months of the crisis, many bettors turned to eSports as a venue to wager their money on competitive events. This resulted in a sharp increase in the number of eSports betting customers, some major platforms adding eSports to their offer, and the breakthrough of several new eSports-centered betting sites. So, the eSports betting industry is in a pretty healthy state as it prepares for the changes the new generation of consoles, led by PlayStation 5, will bring.

What Will The Future Of eSports Betting Look Like In 2026

Sony and the PlayStation have long been on the fringes of the gaming industry with most of the popular events revolving around the games exclusive to Xbox One such as Halo or Gears of War or the titles shared by both platforms. The rare exception was the Call of Duty, a game for which Sony secured exclusive rights, but other than that Playstation 4 competitive gaming was mostly limited to some less popular titles. Sony plans to disrupt the current balance with the release of PlayStation 5 and has invested a lot in making it the go-to console for competitive gamers.

What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps | Video Game Betting

PS5 PlayStation Is The Home For The Call of Duty League

As we mentioned, the PlayStation has been the home for the Call of Duty League for some time now and we can expect the relationship between Sony and Activision to extend to the new generation of consoles. This means that the elite CoD competitions will be played on the PlayStation 5 for the foreseeable future providing Sony with a foothold in this market and a place to start in exploring the opportunities for exclusive collaborations. The new console will support wired controller connections removing one of the key obstacles to using PlayStation in the massive LAN events where Bluetooth connection caused issues with hundreds of players present.
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Betting On Madden, FIFA, or NBA 2K Games Online

Another area where Sony is eyeing the control of the eSports industry is the sports titles and competitive events including these games. So far, both PlayStation and the Xbox were used in high-level competitions featuring the most popular sports games such as Madden, FIFA, or NBA 2K. Sony will try to get as many as possible pro players to do their gaming on PlayStation 5 in an effort to make it a default device for these competitions. This is important for the betting industry, too since most of the traditional bettors are not that comfortable placing wagers on the action and RTS games that they don’t fully understand and much rather turn to sports games where they feel more at home and can bet on the familiar markets.


Discover The Meteoric Rise Of eSports Betting In The Online Gambling Industry

Discover The Meteoric Rise With eSports Betting In The Online Gambling Industry

Over the course of 2020, eSports betting has seen a meteoric rise and established itself as an important part of the gambling industry. Amid the global pandemic, the eSports betting market has taken a step forward and filled the void caused by the cancellation of most of the traditional sporting events.

Perhaps the best indicator of the increasing profile of eSports betting within the overall gambling industry is the Rising Star Award that the Luckbox platform received last week at the EGR Operator Awards 2020, an event widely regarded as “the Oscars of the egaming sector”.

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How Did eSports Betting Rise In The Online Gambling Industry This Year?

Receiving the EGR Award is one of the most prestigious honors in the gambling industry. The EGR rewards operators that stand among the competition in numerous categories, with the Rising Star being one of the most important. Other categories include the best casino and sports affiliate, best sports, horse racing, and in-play operator, and the award for top mobile operator and the best marketing campaign. By winning this award, Luckbox has found itself in the chosen company of gambling giants such as bet365, Bovada, Betsson, Evolution Gaming, Mansion, FoxBet, or Paddy Power.

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The Rising Star award honors the companies that exist no more than three years and that have shown remarkable growth in that time establishing themselves as a force within the industry. The award committee takes into account the innovative approach, operational excellence, and commercial success of the candidate companies. In the reasoning for the Rising Star award, the jury noted that Luckbox stood head and shoulders above everyone else in the category, became the first company in its field to provide real competition for the large traditional books, and provided a great presentation showing that the company really understands the egaming business.

Besides winning the Rising Star award, Luckbox was also nominated in Esports Operator of the Year and In-House Product of the Year categories.

Commenting on the award, the CEO of Luckbox. Quentin Martin, said that he feels that the gambling industry is starting to take notice of eSports betting and is beginning to take it more seriously. He added that the times when eSports betting was seen as something of a novelty are behind us and the Rising Star award for Luckbox proves that eSports betting is getting the respect it deserves.

A Look At The Future Of The ESports Betting Market 2020-2028

Betting CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, FIFA Games Online

The Rising Star award at the EGR event is just a cherry on top of the incredibly successful year the Luckbox has enjoyed. Since the start of 202, the platform saw an astronomic rise in both the average bet size and the monthly turnover. At the moment, the company is making the final preparations before being publicly listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange. In the meantime, Luckbox continues to provide the top of the line experience to eSports bettors. The platform features pre-match, in-play, and prop betting for most of the gaming events including CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Overwatch, Call of Duty, FIFA, and plenty of other popular games. The platform also features live streams of major gaming tournaments and offers a wide range of payment options including cryptocurrencies.


The Future Of The ESports Betting Market 2020-2028

A Look At The Future Of The ESports Betting Market 2020-2028

For a long time, the betting and gambling market only dealt with traditional sports and offered lines only for those events. However, with a surge in eSports popularity, this betting market has been making huge strides in narrowing the gap separating it from traditional sports gambling. By the end of next year, eSports events are expected to have over 250 million regular and 307 million casual viewers. Sportsbooks will certainly want to be a part of this boom as much as possible and, in the next seven or eight years, we can expect to see more and more eSports events included in their offer.

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A Look At The Future Of The ESports Betting Market 2020-2028

Before the e Sports betting market can exist on equal footing with traditional sports gambling, there are several issues that need to be dealt with. Those issues will be the center of attention of both the eSports community and betting operators worldwide. In 2020, eSports betting providers are expected to rack up an impressive $1.8 billion. However, although that number seems rather large, it’s still peanuts compared to the overall gambling profits which are in the area of $250 billion.

What Will The Future Of eSports Betting Look Like In 2026

We can expect betting sites to include more e Sports events and markets

In the next several years, we can expect betting sites to include more eSports events and markets in their portfolio in order to invest in the young audience following the virtual sporting events at the moment. The age of an average expert viewer is one of the main issues hindering the development of these betting markets. Most of the fans are still young and don’t have that much of a disposable income they’re willing to invest in betting. However, in the next seven or eight years, betting providers reasonably expect that this potential customer base will gain more financial power while keeping an interest in eSports.

A number of research reports published lately, including the one from the Report Consultant, are trying to grasp the current state of the eSports betting market and predict its development over the next several years. By analyzing the current revenues, sales, profit margins, organization, type, and location of betting providers dealing in e Sports, these reports try to suggest the strategy that will make eSports betting a significant part of the overall market in the future.

Betting On Video Games Like NBA2K And FIFA

The steps include making the general betting customers more familiar with the types of games present in the eSports world and getting them to better understand this betting market’s characteristics. Sports games, such as FIFA or NBA 2K are much closer to the average bettor since they include similar markets, such as match winners, props, totals, or handicaps.

What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps | Video Game Betting

On the other hand, gambling operators must make an effort to help the general betting audience better understand how to bet and profit from action games. Games such as LOL feature a whole different set of wagers like total kills or maps collected. Major broadcasters, including ESPN, now provide more live e Sports events for their viewers and are expected to play an even bigger role in increasing eSports popularity in the future.
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These reports also deal with the impact of Covid-19 on the current and future state of eSports betting.

While the pandemic has changed the overall economic landscape worldwide, we may say that the eSports market has benefited from it. The cancellation of most of the live spring events earlier this year has made a lot of bettors turn their attention to eSports betting. At the beginning of the pandemic, eSports betting revenues have seen over 1oo% growth compared to the same time last year. Now, it’s up to betting operators to build on this newly gained audience and expand it even further in the future.


What Will The Future Of eSports Betting Look Like In 2026?

What Will The Future Of eSports Betting Look Like In 2026

At the moment, the eSports betting market seems to be in the full swing. Nowadays it’s hard to find an online sportsbook that doesn’t include gambling on eSports events. Similar to the eSports industry itself, the betting on these events has experienced massive growth in the past few years, but that growth also brought along some changes. And, certainly, we can expect even more evolution and adjustments in the future, hopefully for the better.

Even though this betting market is in a rather healthy state right now, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. Right now oddsmakers and bettors alike are focusing only on a limited number of games, mostly centered around PC titles. This has its advantages as it creates a higher quality of gaming and better and more experienced competitors. But, no bettor will complain if the range of the games you can wager on expands in the future. This is exactly what we may expect to happen as more and more niche markets will be added to sportsbooks’ portfolios.

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What Will The Future Of eSports Betting Look Like In 2026?

eSports industry and betting market that follows it is making huge strides in Northern America and Europe, but it’s still predominantly an Asian affair, especially strong in South Korea, Japan, and China. We can expect this to change to at least to some extent in the next 5-10 years. The United States is particularly in the focus, now that more states are opening their doors to legal gambling. The US is a traditionally strong betting market, and we suspect that a big chunk of money currently in traditional sports betting will find its way to eSports.

What Are The Best E Sports Betting Sites & Apps | Video Game Betting

Sportsbooks Add More eSports Betting Options

Nations all around the world are rapidly adjusting their regulations when it comes to sports betting, but eSports gambling seems to be lagging behind in this area. Most American citizens still use off-shore betting providers for their eSports wagering. Of course, sooner rather than later, the governments will catch up, and we’ll probably see a fully regulated eSports betting market in the next 5 to 10 years. For now, can only hope that the laws to be made will improve the betting experience, rather than hamper it.

esports betting news

The betting platforms themselves will go through a serious development process as the number of users increases.

One of the main issues bettors complain about when gambling on eSports is the lack of live options and markets, and several platforms have already announced that they are working on expanding this part of their offer. Also, in the next couple of years, we’ll probably see AI taking a bigger role. We already have had matches where AI bots have defeated experienced gaming pros.

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To help make sense of expected changes, the In4Research has published a report on the eSports betting market analyzing potential scenarios that can occur from 2020 to 2026. The report includes data on all of the market’s important players: betting platforms, game developers, users, and regulators. It provides a detailed forecast of the new opportunities, trends, external and internal factors influencing the industry development, and a prediction of the market share by 2020. The report also pays special attention to the potential consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on the state of the eSports wagering industry in the future.


Is Fandom Moving Into The World Of eSports Betting?

Fandom Moving Into The World Of Betting

The world of eSports is in for a large change as the upcoming launch of a true global eSports betting platform completely changes the scene. Just last week Fandom Sports Media announced the completion of its subsidiary Bridarias Limited. This new endeavor based in Cyprus has one specific task: Handling the processes that Fandom requires to launch a global eSports betting platform.

While the platform itself has yet to release all indicates it will do so without no issue. Currently, Fandom is executing the final revisions and regulations required for their betting platform. This betting platform will release independently and has proven to be an unexpected choice. Previously Fandom was notorious for its all-ages approach to business, but the addition of betting has shown a new facet of the company.

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Is Fandom Moving Into The World Of eSports Betting?

Right now Fandom Sports counts with a Curacao Gaming License, which allows for the right use of wagering games in the right countries. What this means in layman’s terms is that through that license Fandom has the right to promote, market, and offer their games of chance to any country in the world except for those that are actively forbidden on the license terms. While this sounds like a major step forward it’s important to note what countries are omitted by the license.

Australia casino gambling sites7

The United States of America, the UK, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, France, and various Dutch regions

Some of the countries which are directly forbidden under the license terms include The United States of America, Africa, the UK, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, France, and various Dutch regions. As such while its global license offers a wide range it also misses key players. The limitations of this license are going to be one of the main factors for the platform to overcome in the near future. And due to its a heavy focus on the USA market in particular we can expect Fandom Sports to focus heavily on clearing all legal licenses required for the region. Though so far how they’ll overcome this hurdle remains to be seen.
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Current research by market analysts and consumer surveyors indicates that eSports global gambling revenue is expected to double this year.

If so then that means two major things: Gambling revenue will reach $14 billion, and Fandom has chosen an ideal time to move forward with its platform. Of course, how much Fandom will get to benefit from this expected growth will come down to the speed of their launch.

In regards to the apparent change in focus, Fandom exhibited, CEO David Vinokurov expressed a desire to build an eSports ecosystem where both all-ages fun and regulated wages have a place. Vinokurov expressed their interest in keeping up an all-ages audience while taking advantage of the growth of the industry separately through its betting platform. As such Fandom’s newest foray into the world of betting could be seen as an additional feature and not a change in focus.

It remains to be seen how long it’ll take for Fandom to be ready to launch it’s global betting platform. But a fast and successful launch could change the face of both the company and the eSports scene forever.

Source: Fandom moves to launch global esports betting platform From On October 30, 2020.


The Hurdles Of The League of Legends NA League

The Hurdles Of The League of Legends NA League ESports Betting News

The North American League Of Legends scene is frankly speaking not in it’s top shape and a clear example of this in the World Championship. This year Team Liquid’s fate was entirely up to the result of a match they didn’t even get to play. Team Liquid and Coach Joshua Leesman had to wait for a tense 44 minutes of the G2 Esports and Suning match. Suning ultimately won and like that Liquid’s aspirations for this year ended as well. History would soon repeat for all of the LCS a few days later.

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What Are The The Hurdles Of The League of Legends NA League?

Despite favorable 2-1 results FlyQuest would ultimately fail to quality due to their week 1 results. And TSM in fact didn’t manage to win a single game; a 0-6 score being the result of two weeks of play. While Coach Leesman was approached over the results of Liquid a larger problem is at root when it comes to the LCS. Last year the North American teams finished with a 6-12 score, so there’s definitely deep issues with the current league.

In light of the recent results the teams are doing the best to return to form and in general to grasp what’s the underlying issue.

Team Liquid will aim to make roster changes mid-season, but is that where the core problem lies?

A major point of concern for the league is salaries. Because despite their performance the salaries in North American teams are some of the highest in the world, yet less expensive leagues like Europe and South Korea managed to get into the semifinals. So where is the fundamental flaw in the NA league?

According to TMS Coach Parth Naidu it all comes down to the lack of fresh blood. As he brings up North America’s current model has resulted in a lot of veterans, but a clear lack of new domestic talent. Naidu brought up that despite the existence of Academy and Amateur systems they didn’t bring many new players.

Naidu’s words seem to aim at a genuine problem if we look at the numbers. The average player age for this year’s qualifying North American teams was 23.4 years. On the other hand, Europe sat at an average at 21.3. There’s no way to deny that overall NA players are generally older.

However while many agree on the fact that NA is failing to cultivate new talent; few agree on what causes it. Some have brought up that the solo queue servers being located in Chicago results in critical lag. Others point out that the solo queue itself is an issue. Another common theory is that the lack of infrastructure results in a lack of substantial practice for both the main and Academy rosters.

However, one final theory brings up that the issue lies in how North America deals with revenue and sponsorship. The idea is that teams prefer to keep already established players due to fear of losing financial backing. However, representatives have dispelled the notion of time and time again.

As it stands nobody is fully sure where the problem starts, but the league as a whole is undeniably trying to get past it. Reforms for the amateur system are coming and with some luck, they’ll be enough to bring back some glory to the NA league.


eSports Betting News | The Rivalry That Takes Place In eSports Betting

esports betting news

As we were witnessing the eSports boom during the last decade, one aspect of the landscape that usually accompanies competitive events was noticeably missing – a comprehensive and in-depth betting platform. Steven Salz and his associates noticed this market deficiency and saw the opportunity to get in the esports game at its early stages. A couple of years late, they are running the Rivalry, one of the leading eSports providers.

The idea of the Rivalry was conceived in 2015, as Salz and two other co-founders, Ryan White and Kevin Wimer, looked for a way to get their piece of the eSports pie. They set three criteria for their future venture; independence of intellectual property, third-party API, and specific game titles, all of which they found in eSports betting. At the time the industry was littered with shady and unreliable bookmakers while the large betting behemoths at US Bookmakers failed to timely recognize the potential and lacked the understanding of the customer base.

bovada esports betting apps

What Rivalry Takes Place In eSports Betting?

The knowledge of what makes eSports fans specific and different from the traditional sports aficionados helped Rivalry stand out among the competition and quickly make the name for itself. From the moment you enter the Rivalry website, you know you’re at the place who cares for their customers and understands the specifics of the gaming community.

Steven Salz, now at the CEO position, has spoken about how the Rivalry puts emphasis not only on the quality of their product but also on creating a community where all of the eSports bettors will feel right at home. They strive to make gambling a social and entertainment event and add a fun element to betting. In fact, the platform draws many of its employees, be it social media handlers, content creators, or customer support operators, from that very community.

Wagering Money On eSports Events

Another part of the platform that shows how much the company cares is the Rivalry Academy, a portal that educates potential bettors on all aspects of gambling. The people at Rivalry understand that a good portion of their users is new to the world of betting and look to create an environment where all of them will feel safe and well-prepared to wager their money on the eSports events.

The structure of the esports betting community differs greatly from what we are used to seeing when it comes to traditional sports betting. The average eSports bettor is young, in touch with modern technology, and has high expectations when it comes to user experience. There are fewer high-rollers investing significant amounts of money on a single bet.

An Interesting Find: Get Your $100 Esports Free Bet & Find Out Where To Bet Money On ESports

Instead, the eSports bookmakers deal with a larger number of small incremental wagers

In line with that, the Rivalry provides betting on the increasingly impressive number of eSports tournaments and offers a chance to bet on a number of in-game events like League Of Legends, such as map winners or which player will be the first to execute the opponent.

Lately, the Rivalry has been looking to expand beyond just betting on the eSports events. Next month they will be adding their own casino game, Rushlane, to the offer. The game is completely developed in-house and Salz describes it as a combination of Mario Cart and Tower Defense. The vision Salz and others have for the Rivalry keeps growing and in the next year, they will look to further develop the brand, expand the product, and reach new markets.

• Source: Rivalry: A fresh perspective on esports betting From On October 15, 2020.


3,050 Fans Predicted The League of Legends Final Standings

3,050 Fans Predicted The LoL Final Standings

With a new year comes a new League of Legends World Championship, and as has become custom fans of the eSports mega event came together to vote through Pick’em for the 16 teams that would arrive at the finals of the Championship. Pick’em which has become a custom for LoL fans offers rewards, prizes, and contests for all users who vote, and this year’s results offer some interesting insight on both how Pick’em and League of Legends are progressing.

Why Do The Experts Predict 3,050 Fans In The LoL Final Standings?

This year only 3,050 fans accurately predicted the teams that would reach the stage, and at a grand total of 3.2 million participants, this means only 0.095% of contestants managed to guess the finalists. While the number seems incredibly reduced at first, it is in fact an improvement over both last year’s result and 2018’s results.

Last year only 2,682 people out of a similar 3 million pool managed to guess accurately, which meant only 0.092% of contestants managed to predict the finals. 2018 saw only 647 contestants guess accurately, a number that largely speaks for itself.

What this ultimately means is that there’s been a consistent increase in accuracy from the player base when it comes to Pick’em standings and this comes back to the current state of the game. Certain teams have long established themselves as powerhouses making it easier to predict which team will come from each bracket, and a heavier presence of game streams and related journalism has allowed the fan base to commit to more accurate predictions on the World Championship.

Great News For LOL Fans

While this is interesting for any game analyst it’s also great news for LoL fans and especially for those who have made it this far into the competition. The 3,050 remaining contestants now have the chance to win an Alienware Battlestation, a dedicated Gaming PC that is of the same model as the computers used to play the on-stage matches. Meaning that they might get even closer to the professional experience than any other fan out there.

How To Reach This Prize In The Pick’em Contest

Of course, to reach this prize the Pick’em contestants need to get their remaining knockout picks correct, a task that might not be as easy given the numbers we’ve seen so far. But the possibility remains, and all the winning fans so far have reason to be excited.

That said it’s not like a perfect Pick’em score is needed to win something, and even if you didn’t start from the very first rounds fans can still vote for the knockout stage. You might not win the ultimate loot but there are still opportunities to win countless in-game items for your own account, ranging from essence, chests, icons, and more. Time is of the essence however as the knockout stage resumes October 15th, meaning that the next exciting step in the World Championship stage resumes very soon.

One way or another, whether you are into the Pick’em craze or even a winner one fact remains undeniable. League of Legends continues to be a massive player in the eSports scene and one with a fan base that is still as invested as they were since day one.

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USA Friendly Online Bookmaker Updates Their Live Sports Betting Platform

Online Bookmaker Updates Their Live Sports Betting Platform

With the absence of live sports to bet on, a lot of online bookmakers are adding real money wagering options. On top of that, we are seeing some online bookmakers update their live sports betting platform. We have seen a lot of US friendly Sportsbooks and Racebooks like Intertops,Bovada, Bodog, and MyBookie start to offer more online casino games and esports.

Which Online Bookmakers Have UpdatedTheir Live Sports Betting Platform?

Well, almost all US online Sportsbooks have updated their sports betting platform. However, we just head from one of the top Sportsbooks that merged their pregame betting and live wagering platform. Also, this merger includes live casino games, poker tournaments, and an increased menu of sports simulations. Betting on sports simulations have become very popular almost as popular as esports.

Place Your Bets And Watch The Games Live

This US friendly bookmakers upgrade allows their customers to place real money wagers and watch the simulated games while they are logged in. That’s right; this online bookmaker offers live sports simulation direction on their site! As wagering on sports simulations have become more and more popular, they went out of their way to make sure you can watch them live while logged in. Some examples of sports simulations you can wager on are NHL 20 games, MLB The Show 20, NBA 2K20, and Madden NFL20.

What Are The Best Bets To Make Today & This Week?

Interestingly, there are some things people are betting on today and this week. Obviously, there was a lot of sports betting action on the 2020 NFL Draft. However, some of the most popular things to bet this week are esports and live sports simulations. For esports, you can wager on Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS GO), Call Of Duty, League Of Legends (LOL), and Dota. The simulated sports you can bet on are Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball League (NBA), and the National Football League (NFL).

It may interest you to know that there are six horse racing tracks open. All of them have horse races every day, and this online bookmaker is taking action on them. Additionally, table tennis has become very popular. Another thing that folks are interested in betting on is the US Stock Market. Now, this live Sportsbook offers betting options for the SP500 and the Dow Jones! If you are interested in betting on futures, you can also place real money wagers on NFL, NCAAF, MLB, and PGA Golf.

New Poker Room And Fresh Live Dealer Casino

At Bookmaker, they have updated their live dealer casino and are offering a new online poker room.