It Is Now Possible To Play Bitcoin Cash Games And Playing For Them Using BCH Thanks To Roger Ver

Where Can I Play Games Using Bitcoin Cash?

Have You Been Wondering Where You Can Play Games Using Bitcoin Cash Or Any Cryptocurrency? Roger Ver, a distinguished cryptocurrency advocate, is making things easy for BCH users. The entrepreneur set up an online gambling site. Also, this is not just an ordinary site. You can play Bitcoin Cash games on this site. There are very few bitcoin cash casinos In the world. Many online casinos that accept digital coins usually use bitcoin. But when Roger launches his site with the BCH on board, it is good news. Now, a player who prefers Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment is free to do so. Check out the article Where Can I Play Real Money Casino Games With Bitcoin Cash? over here

What Are The Best Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin Cash?

If you have been asking yourself what the best online casino that accepts digital currency like Bitcoin Cash, Slotocash is a good choice.

Now that Ver’s site is out, BCH wagering is at the next level. But this is not the first time digital currencies are launching games. In September 2017, launches Bitcoin Games. The September launch of Bitcoin Games opens the way for an online casino. But the platform utilizes the old legacy of Segwit Bitcoin. Above all, this is the same platform that is now compatible variation with Bitcoin Cash Games.
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Players Have A Much Lower Fee With $BCH

The good news about this new launch is that players can have the experience at a very lower fee. Regarding the new launch, Ver says that it is a good thing. “The BCH network and currency have proven itself to be reliable. Above all, this also offers transaction fees that are so cheap ($0.01 or even less). It is fair to say that they are practically non-existent,” Ver says.

Real Money Casino Games On The Platform

The game palette on the Bitcoin Cash games gives a chance to play a variety of real money casino games. Are you a fan of poker and craps? You will get a chance to play these games. As you can see, the fee is almost zero. Other games on the palette are dice, roulette, blackjack, keno, and of course online slots. Each of the games on this palette comes with an RTP of 99 percent. No other platform can give y