Can Any Other Team Prevent A Bucks vs. Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Finals?

Can Any Other Team Prevent A Bucks vs. Lakers 2020 NBA Finals?

The NBA moves closer and closer to the restart of the 2020 season following the shutdown in mid-March. The format to finish the regular season has been set with 22 teams battling it out. The playoffs will still consist of eight teams in the Eastern Conference and eight more in the West.

From Day 1 of the 2019/2020 NBA season, the Milwaukee Bucks were favored to win the Eastern Conference. This was the case at every major online sportsbook. The same could be said about the Los Angeles Lakers in the West. Although, the LA Clippers were a close second on the betting board in that conference.

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Which Team Can Prevent A Bucks vs. Lakers 2020 NBA Finals?

Turning to the recently updated NBA futures odds at Bovada online sportsbook, nothing has really changed. The betting odds are set at -200 that Milwaukee wins the Eastern Conference title. Next is the Boston Celtics at much longer +600 odds.

The Toronto Raptors are +700 third-favorites followed by the Philadelphia 76ers (+850) and the Miami Heat (+900).
Out West, the Lakers are set as +125 favorites to win that conference title. They are followed by the Clippers as +190 second-favorites. The Houston Rockets (+700) and the Denver Nuggets (+900) round out the top teams on this futures list.

The Top 5 teams on the top Sportsbook NBA futures to win the 2020 league championship are:

  1. Los Angeles Lakers +190
  2. Milwaukee Bucks +290
  3. Los Angeles Clippers +300
  4. Boston Celtics +1200
  5. Houston Rockets +1500

All of these online Sportsbook betting odds make a rather strong case for going chalk. This means betting the Bucks and Lakers meeting in the 2020 NBA Finals. The Clippers have the best chance to derail this dream series so they are definitely in the mix. Boston could be seen as undervalued and a potential play in the East.

By the time the games count for real, there will have been a four-plus month layoff. This definitely drains some value from the favorites because any number of unknowns.

There is already talk that the Lakers’ Avery Bradley will sit out the rest of the season. Who knows what other big-named players may skip the restart. Injury becomes an immediate concern due to the extended downtime. Suppose the Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo or the Lakers’ LeBron James tests positive for COVID-19?

All of these factors have a chance to derail this finals matchup but will they? From a betting standpoint you can go two ways. Still go chalk and hope that everything works out as planned.

The other option is to hedge this bet with the Clippers winning the West. You could also place a small wager on the Celtics in the East. Any other bet at this point could be viewed as a waste of money. Outside one of the four best teams in the league, everyone else is a longshot at best. Quite a few things would have happen to add any substantial value to any other team on the list.

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 Can Any Other Team Prevent A Bucks vs. Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Finals?
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Can Any Other Team Prevent A Bucks vs. Los Angeles Lakers 2020 NBA Finals?
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