California Native American Indian Tribes Might Sue State Over-Banked Casino Games

California Native American Indian Tribes | Suing State Over-Banked Casino Games?

California tribal gaming operators might sue the state over banked games. They are planning such an action after a declaration by the regulators. The declaration indicates that the controversial banked card games will be wiped out. These games are currently available at the state’s card clubs.

These games are the versions of the Pai Gow Poker or Blackjack. These games have been in conflict for the last six years. A dispute is going on between the powerful tribal gaming operators and state on the validity of these games. The tribal regulators believe that the State is trying to violate the tribal uniqueness on the Class III casino gaming.

The director of the Bureau of Gambling Control, Stephanie Shimazu, issued a September 25 memo, promising that the bureau will cancel the approval for rules for all those games much similar to 21/blackjack. These games are prohibited by State Law and the bureau is planning to cancel all those games similar to the previous one. They are planning to give a specific period to implement the new rules.

As said by CDC Gaming reports, they will notify the cardrooms and will also postpone the enforcement for a time period so that the cardrooms will have time to get prepared for this action.

The Reaction of Cardrooms

The cardrooms are not prepared for the new rules. The cardrooms believe that the games are legal. They employ the shills considering the supply of third-party businesses to get the dealer-player position. They claim that all these procedures make the games legal. California Native American Tribe Casinos says that it is nonsense to nullify these games on the basis of similarity. They also say that a banked game is always a banked game regardless of the type of the dealer.

Steve Stallings, the chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, told the CDC Gaming Reports, currently, he will try to treat the BGC’s memo in a different way to delay the process for a specific time period. At this point, the delay tactics might help them to satisfy the California Native American Tribe Casinos. They have a stronghold in this industry. They might sue State to protect their interests.

In the current condition, California Native American Tribes operate around sixty-three casinos. In addition, they share hundreds of millions of their profits every year with the local and state government that ensures that dominance in the politics.

What about the Sports Betting

Stallings is also making efforts to oppose “regulate sports betting” when the banking games are still available at the clubs. Meanwhile, California Native American Tribe Casinos operators made it clear that they will oppose a proposed ballot measure that requires bypassing the legislature by enabling the voter to have a word on the legalization of sports betting.

Moreover, many California municipalities get their revenues from the card clubs. The clubs can be more harmful than the tribes. The executive director of Communities for California Cardrooms, Austin Lee, finds it hard to understand how BGC can implement such a policy without consulting public and industry. Any change will make it difficult for the cardrooms to adjust the operations.

A Native American Indian Tribe owns almost every since casino in California, if not every resort. The variations of Pai Gow Poker or Blackjack are important to the revenue of these hotels. While most people think slot machines bring in the most revenue(even though they do) blackjack and Pai Pow Poker are big money makers. We hope that the California Native Amerian Indian Tribes approve the rules for those games much similar to 21/blackjack.
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 California Native American Indian Tribes |  Suing State Over-Banked Casino Games?
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California Native American Indian Tribes | Suing State Over-Banked Casino Games?
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