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Since this article was posted, forwards to . On the top right-hand side of the site it says bitcoinj-cash/bitcoinj forked from bitcoinj/bitcoinj. If you are not familiar with Github, it serves as the home to almost thirty million software developers that can collaborate projects, review source code and even build software platform and programs working together. This Github page says that this branch offers one hundred ninety-six commits ahead of the three hundred twenty-four commits from the bitcoinj:master. Last Updated December 5, 2018, By Arnold Mcarthy Of Now, this is from the original news article.

Bitcoin is growing. Drawing that conclusion is easy. For several months now, the price of this cryptocurrency is going up. It is true that things are not right this week. But this does not mean that the red-hot coin is suffering. Remember that since its start in 2009, the price of the bitcoin has gradually surged. In 2017 for instance, Bitcoin hit its all-time highest, which was big news, especially for its investors. Following the sale in late December, many people now rush to open accounts with the Altcoin . As a result, bitcoin is making tremendous progress. As you are aware, this is not news to governments and various state agencies. These are the owners of legal tenders. They feel that the competition is not healthy. As such, they are coming up with tough rules. Some of the rules sound as if they are after the complete ban of the digital coin.

How Is Still Alive And Functional?

Nonetheless, what is making this traditional digital coin make these considerable strides in spite of opposition? Many factors have contributed. Mainstream media coverage is chief among them. So many major media house has spoken well about the bitcoin in the past. They continue to talk even now.

A vast number of renowned financial writers have taken their time. In the end, they have done the research and written their opinions on important world journals. These write-ups have been shared to millions of readers. But there is something that is not getting the much-needed attention, which is, which is a Java library. It is used together with the Bitcoin protocol, which Java library was conceived and created by Mike Hearn . Wait a minute, who is this man?

Who Is Mike Hearn?

Mike Hearn is one of the original Bitcoin developers. He has the ability to code within the blockchain operating system. The guy understands the economic incentive of the bitcoin and how it works. is also the very first traditional coin’s implementation whose objective was to target Simple Payment Verification. In this SPV light wallet functionality, only a small section of the blockchain is downloaded. This will then enable all small devices to be used in doing the transactions. The main target thus is tablets and mobile phones.

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So, nobody will ever say that does not exist. Note that, if it never existed, there is no way investors would use their portable devices to access their bitcoin accounts. They would not access their cryptocurrency accounts.

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