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Are you ready to find the best online casino accepting Bitcoin? Following different innovative ways of making payments, many real money casinos in the US have adopted the use of Bitcoin in making and receiving payments from players. This latest acceptance from USA bitcoin casino sector has enabled many players to freely enjoy games from one online casino to another because as they now say, gaming does not have boundaries. Stop by to get your wallet setup.

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How Can I Find The Best Bitcoin Casino?

1. Slotocash Casino Review
So far, this is the top-rated Bitcoin casino site. The payout percentage for this casino is 98.45 and effects all payments to winners within three days. In fact, at times winners of various prizes are cashed immediately. Among the top features of this online gaming site include:

· Accepts US players.
· Spectacular game selection.
· Gamblers can access up to 130 casino games.
· The real money casino gives a huge first deposit bonus.
· Apart from Bitcoin the casino also accepts Visa, Amex MasterCard, · Wire Transfer among other payment methods.
2. Uptown Aces Casino.

Uptown Aces are one of the most significant choices any US citizen can ever make. The casino has a great deposit bonus, has a payout percentage rate of 98.11 and offers players over 120 games likes online slot machines and real money poker to choose from.

3. Intertops Casino Review

With an average of 8 days waiting time before winners receive their prizes and real money poker tournaments. Intertops comes in as one of the US Bitcoin casinos that has a 500 Euro bonus to its clients upon meeting the threshold. At Intertops, you will get 97.84% payout rate.

4. Red Stag
Red Stag gives players a chance to grab a bonus of up to 4, 500 Euros, which is a good bonus that any player will ever receive the first deposit. The management at the Red Stag acts fast when processing winner’s prize, usually lasting between 1 day and three days.

This casino offers most of its games on mobile platforms, making it easier for gamers to place their bets conveniently. Like other top US Bitcoin casinos, Red Stag also accepts other forms of payment including MasterCard, Amex, Wire Transfer and Visa among others. Winning rate at the casino is at 98.32%.

5. Las Vegas USA Casino

With Las Vegas, all your online gaming problems have been solved. The site has one of the most beautiful designs the world has ever made. It is indeed great looking. It is also home to the highest wagering limits. The selection of casinos games on this site has also been prioritized. Although the gambling site does not offer a live chat and that customer support is not on a 24/7 basis, the casino accepts the ONLY Bitcoin!

But before we look into the list of some of the best US bitcoin casinos, it is ideal that we look at some of the questions that our readers ask about this virtual currency. Feel free to search for gambling sites by country Perhaps; you too are asking yourself but hitherto, you haven’t received the very satisfying answer. Here are some of the questions. Below the problem, there is a satisfactory answer.

What Is A Bitcoin?

Bitcoin merely is digital money. This form of payment is essentially stand-alone. It does not have middlemen. Sometimes, it is easy to say that this virtual currency does not have rules. Yes, this digital currency is way beyond standard rules that govern other legal tenders. With the Bitcoin, it is like no single law regulates the movement of money can direct its usage. Although when a single unit of this virtual currency (BTC) is like a dollar, it does not have any value by itself. The only time this coin gains value is when buyers and traders decide to use it in exchange for a higher amount of guaranteed currency. Feel free to find gambling sites that accept other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, $DOGE and $LTC.

To know how much of this crypto-currency each investor has, there is what is called a ledger, a form of the online file where blockchain stores information regarding who owns what amount of this digital currency. However, unlike other legal tenders such as the US Dollar the UK’s Sterling Pound and others, which have central entity servers, the Bitcoin’s servers are spread across the world via a solidly crafted chain of the network in private computers.
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