Betting Special NBA Bubble Props

Betting Special NBA Bubble Props

Just about every online sportsbook has posted updated odds for the anticipated NBA restart. Odds for the opening round of games are on the board. Futures odds to win each conference and the NBA title are also available. You can find options to bet on which teams make the playoffs and the actual NBA Finals matchup.

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Online Betting Odds For Special NBA Bubble Props

MyBookie has earned the reputation for pushing the dial when it comes to special betting props. The team of Oddsmakers at that popular online book are only limited by their collective imagination. To spice things up ahead of the planned restart on July 30, they came up with special NBA Bubble Props.

Will LeBron James Test Positive for COVID-19?

  1. YES +170 NO -240

The NBA will be under the microscope with its bubble plan to finish the 2019/2020 season. If one of its top players were to test positive for the coronavirus, it would be disastrous for the league. Added measures are probably in place to keep the NBA’s biggest stars safe. You would also think that LeBron would take a few extra precautions to stay healthy as well.

Will James Harden Test Positive for COVID-19?

  1. YES +110 NO -140

Harden also falls into the same category as James as an NBA superstar. What is interesting is his lower odds for NO. This could be attributed to MyBookie baiting bettors to take LeBron and YES.

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Will Any NBA Head Coach Test Positive for COVID-19?

  1. YES +110 NO -140

Coaches in general are going to be more cautious than any professional players in the 20’s and early 30’s. The show can go on without a head coach on the bench. However, it remains doubtful that any of the NBA head coaches in the bubble test positive.

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Will Any NBA Player be Removed Due to a Violation?

  1. YES: +200 NO -300

This prop could offer the best value on the board . There are quite a few NBA players stuck in Orlando and the overall bubble. You would think at least one will break the rules over the course of the next few weeks.

Tight control has been put in place to drive up the odds on NO at -300. Human nature is another powerful factor at hand. You may want to keep a YES bet small but a +200 return is just too hard to pass up.

One of the other prop options on the board covered the restart going off as planned. The odds for YES were -400. This makes it very likely that the two games scheduled for July 30 will be played as planned

Another prop covered an entire team being forced to leave the bubble due to mass infections. Those odds heavily favored NO at -2000. The odds for YES are +600.

Finally, you can bet on a perfect 8-0 run by a team in the remainder of the regular season games. This prop also favors NO at -700. There is no value taking that big of a risk. Yet, jumping on the +400 for YES might make sense.

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Betting Special NBA Bubble Props | Who Will Test Positive For Covid-19
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Betting Special NBA Bubble Props | Who Will Test Positive For Covid-19
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