Where Can I Bet The 2020 United States Presidential Election?

Where Can I Bet The 2020 United States Presidential Election

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Where Can I Bet The 2020 United States Presidential Election?

Betting on sports has always been the main attraction at this site. However, when you have Donald Trump as your president, there is a renewed interest in political-oriented prop bet options.
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You cannot turn on the evening news without hearing about Trumps’ latest exploits in his current role. From claims of collusion with Russia, obstruction of justice and paying off porn stars, he is about as colorful as it gets. With a presidential election in November of 2020, the political betting scene across the nation is starting to heat up.

According to the latest odds at Bovada, Trump is still a +120 favorite to win a second term as president. He also has the best odds of any Republican that might seek to take his job at -800. Vice-President Mike Pence is second on that list at +1400. These odds do have some value in case he is ever pressed into service in place of Trump.

The leading challenger from the Democratic Party is Joe Biden at +400 betting odds. He was the vice-president of the United States during the Obama Administration. Bernie Sanders is next on the list at +700 after running against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nomination ahead of the 2016 election. Hillary is still on the current list at +10000 betting odds to win the election this time around.

Betting On The 2020 United States Presidential Election

One of the best things about betting props of this nature, is the betting odds for some of the other contenders on the list. Mitt Romney’s odds to win the Republican nomination as a very vocal critic of Trump are set at +2800.

The list of odds to win the Democratic nomination contains 17 names, including Michelle Obama at +8000. Biden is also the favorite in this prop at +225 with Sanders third at +335. Two other contenders with some value in their odds are Pete Buttigieg at +550 and Kamala Harris at +600.

Odds For Billionaire Businessman To Replace Donald Trump, Like Mark Cuban And Bill Gates

Going back to the betting odds to win the 2020 presidential election, the world of sports and entertainment starts to draw some attention. Tom Brady says he has no intention of retiring from the NFL in the near future. That might explain his long +1000000 to become the next president. Also joining him at the bottom of the list is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kanye West. If “The Donald” cannot complete his first term, his wife Ivanka could take his place as a +100000 longshot.

If you are looking for another billionaire businessman to replace Trump, Mark Cuban is on the list at +15000. Bill Gates is even higher on the list at +10000 betting odds.

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Where Can I Bet The 2020 United States Presidential Election?
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Where Can I Bet The 2020 United States Presidential Election?
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