The Gap Continues to Close on Trump Betting Futures

betting odds to win 2020 presidential election

Anyone that has been following the betting props for the upcoming 2020 presidential election already knew that Donald Trump was the favorite to win a second term for the Republican Party. They also know that this race is far from over given Trump’s amazing ability to open his mouth and insert his foot in many of the things he says in a public forum.

The betting public continues to react to Trump’s sometimes unexplainable antics by closing the gap on the lead he once had in three different 2020 election props posted at popular online best online sportsbooks for politics betting.
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The president sill is an overwhelming favorite to win his party’s nod as the Republican nominee in 2020, but he is even losing ground in those betting odds. Once listed as an odds-on -800 favorite, the latest odds have been bet down to -600.

What Are The 2020 US Presidential Election Betting Odds To Win?

Charges of collusion with Russia in the 2016 election along with numerous accusations of obstruction of justice have not quietly gone away as Trump hoped they would. This leaves the door open for Mike Pence as vice-president if for some reason Trump would be removed from office before the 2020 November election. Pence’s odds to win the Republican nomination are now set at +1000 as the second-favorite. These are still long odds, but the value remains in a very fluid situation.

What Are Joe Biden’s Odds To Win The 2020 Election?

Recent polls show Democratic hopeful Joe Biden leading the way in many key swing states for the 2020 election. His recently updated odds to win his party’s nomination are set at +225 with Bernie Sanders still second on the list at +400. Pete Buttigieg is third at +600 odds followed by Andrew Yang and Elizabeth Warren at +700. Kamala Harris enjoyed some earlier traction in this race, but she has fallen off the pace in recent weeks at +800 betting odds. There is still a grocery list of other possible choices on the list, but nobody is making a strong move to join any of the names at the top.

Chances To Win For Mayor Pete Buttigieg?

It looks like it will be a head-to-head matchup between Trump and Biden in the general election. The current president is now offering plus money at +100 after spending most of the year as an odds-on favorite. The former vice-president continues to close that gap as a +350 second-favorite to win. Sanders is third at +800 before the odds start to really fall off to +1200 for Buttigieg.

One of the most telling political props on the board at the best online sportsbook for political betting is for which party will control the White House following the 2020 election. The Democratic Party is now a -170 favorite to win with the Republican Party listed as a +150 underdog.

Not too long along, the Democrats were listed as -120 favorites to take control of the White House in 2020. This could mean that the betting public is losing confidence that Trump can fight off the wolves out for blood between now and November of 2020. It could also point to some growing confidence that Biden can beat the sitting president in a head-to-head matchup in the upcoming presidential election.

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The Gap Continues to Close on Trump Betting Futures
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The Gap Continues to Close on Trump Betting Futures
What Are The 2020 US Presidential Election Betting Odds To Win? Is Donald Trump The Favorite To Win The 2020 Election?
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