BetOnline Casinos Bad Beat Jackpot Is Over $400,000 And May Hit Soon

BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot It’s Your Chance To Win Real Cash Money In The Action Packed April Poker Betting Calendar

For years, the poker section of the BetOnline casino has been one of the leading poker platforms in the US. The poker rooms are always busy and players can choose between a variety of popular games. Plus, BetOnline features a generous offer of bonuses and jackpots. Sign up for BetOnline Casino and start winning now or start making money online fast by promoting online gambling sites today!

How To Enter To Win $400,000 As The Bad Beat Jackpot From BetOnline Casino May Hit Soon

BetOnline even offers its members a chance to win even with a losing hand. The Bad Beat Jackpot delivers amazing prizes to players who had the bad luck of losing on a very strong hand. The share of the reward also goes to other players at the table. Besides, everyone else at the BBJ tables in the money the jackpot hits.

To have a chance of winning the Bad Beat Jackpot simply take a seat at one of the designated tables. They are clearly marked with a yellow star. If during a game at the BBJ table your hand with Four of a Kind Deuces or better gets beaten, the Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered. You and other players at the jackpot tables will all get to share the juicy reward.

Here is a chart that shows how Bad Beat Jackpot From BetOnline Casino is shared.

  • 20% goes to the player with Bad Beat Jackpot
  • 15% goes to the hand winner
  • 12,5% is shared by players at the table
  • 12,5% is shared by players at other BBJ tables
  • 35% is reseeded
  • 5% fee

The longer it takes for the jackpot to hit the larger it grows. Also, as the Bad Beat Jackpot gets bigger, BetOnline will make the qualifying hand easier. This significantly increased the chances of hitting the big one. The current qualifying hand and the current jackpot amount is displayed on the poker software banners. Make sure to check this information on a regular so you’re aware of the most recent requirements.

The Bad Beat Jackpot From BetOnline Casino Can Grow To Amazing Levels!

Depending on how long it takes for Bad Beat Jackpot to hit, it can easily grow to amazing amounts. Players often land the six-figure jackpots. A couple of BetOnline Casino customers have even managed to hit the life-changing Bad Beat Jackpots higher than $200,000. Even when it doesn’t take long for BBJ to hit, players still end up with more than decent cash prizes.

There are often a couple of jackpots within just one month and they’re usually worth over $20K.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is subject to BetOnline’s Terms and Conditions. The contributions for the jackpot will be taken automatically from the qualifying tables. For every $4 in the pot, $0.10 is added to the jackpot up to a maximum of $0.50. For Bad beat to become available, at least 4 players must participate in the hand. The Bad Beat hand and the winning hand must include both hole cards. In case that winner or loser has a Four of a Kind, that players must have a pocket pair in order to qualify for the jackpot.

Also, to qualify for the reward, the hand must go to a showdown. All players at the BBJ tables when the jackpot hits will share a single prize. If a player sits out a BBJ winning hand, he won’t receive a share of the prize.

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BetOnline Casinos Bad Beat Jackpot Is Over $400,000 And May Hit Soon
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BetOnline Casinos Bad Beat Jackpot Is Over $400,000 And May Hit Soon
Win $400,000 With The Bad Beat Jackpot With BetOnline Casino Bonuses.BetOnline Casinos Bad Beat Jackpot Is Over $400,000 And May Hit Soon.
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