Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt Ends in Deadly Gunfire

bellagio las vegas shooting

It is never a bright idea to try and rob a land-based casino. The added security measures, extra security personnel, and advanced alarm systems are a recipe for disaster for would-be thieves. If weapons are also involved in the burglary attempt, things can really go south in a bad way.

As part of a news report on www.abcnews.go.com from last Sunday, a robbery attempt at the Bellagio Las Vegas went about as south as it gets. The robbery attempt took place last Friday night at one of the most high-profile casino and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. It was reported that an armed man demanded money from a popular poker cage. He entered the casino floor and made his way toward the intended target. After demanding money from the poker cage, he quickly made his escape out of the north entrance.

How Does The Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt End in Deadly Gunfire?

Most of the details in this report were provided in a press conference later that night by Las Vegas police. The subject in question then tried to carjack a patron at the hotel valet. This was followed by a direct confrontation with uniformed officers present at the scene. The suspect turned and fired his weapon directly at one of those officers, striking him in the chest.

Kevin McMahill is an undersheriff with the Las Vegas Police Department. He told ABC News that the officer was shot “square in the chest.” In a very fortunate twist of fate, the bullet hit the officer’s cell phone before it bounced off into another part of his vest. McMahill added that “he was really lucky” when asked about the officer that was shot. The injured policeman was taken to a nearby medical facility where he was treated and released.

Another Shooting At Casinos On The Las Vegas Strip?

Another officer on the scene returned fire and struck the robbery suspect in his chest. The unidentified man was taken to the hospital for medical treatment before dying a few hours later. This was also according to the official police report.

In another unexpected twist, police were already on the scene at the Bellagio due to a report of a missing girl. The missing 12-year old had come to Las Vegas as part of a family trip. She was apparently lured away by an adult male. McMahill was also quoted in this incident as saying, “He lured her on the internet.”

The police were able to trace the child to the Bellagio where they then arrested the man in connection with this crime. Officers were in the casino’s surveillance room reviewing the CCTV footage pertaining to the missing girl at the same time they were “watching the robbery live” on security cameras according to McMahill’s added comments.
At least two groups of police were deployed to confront the robbery suspect outside the hotel. This is why they were able to intervene as quickly as they did.

An investigation is underway to see if a similar robbery at a Bellagio poker cage in November of 2017 is linked to this latest attempt. The thief from the first crime was never apprehended.

• Source: Alleged robber at Bellagio casino dies after trading gunfire with police on Las Vegas strip From Abcnews.go.com On March 13, 2019.

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Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt Ends in Deadly Gunfire
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Bellagio Las Vegas Robbery Attempt Ends in Deadly Gunfire
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