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We Don’t Have Any Big Problem With The Bitcoin So Far-Bank Of Japan?

The Bank Of Japan Has No Problem With Cryptocurrency Casinos? What a headline! Isn’t it a nice thing to read such a title during a time various governments are imposing strict rules? Definitely! So far, the Bank of Japan does not have any problem with a particular cryptocurrency. In the past few weeks, different governments […]

England’s Premier League Side Arsenal FC Partners With CashBet

Arsenal Football Club is going to the books of history again. This time, it goes to the record as the first football club to officially partner with a cryptocurrency company. Arsenal announces that it is now official that the English Premier League club is partnering with Cashbet. Interestingly, this is the first time in the […]

Cryptocurrencies Prices Are Regaining After Weeks Of Lows

The past few weeks have been rough for digital coins and real money casinos. The cryptocurrency market has been hit by one stone after another. But now that stones are getting low or let’s say the altcoins are getting used, prices are regaining. For the first time in 2018, the cost of the bitcoin, ether, […]

Coinbase.com Makes $2.7 Million Each Day

Can you imagine how much work is needed to operate a cryptocurrency exchange? Well, you do not need to think a lot. It is a whole lot of work. Well, it is not like running a real money casino site, which is far much hectic. As you continue to boil your brain over the same, […]

Stripe To Stop Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Stripe, a payment processor is stopping the payment process that supports Bitcoin. Stripe announced the crisis that is hitting the cryptocurrency market. More governments and state agencies are showing hostility to digital currencies. Because of this, the number of users of bitcoin is down. Besides, the number of companies that are now accepting bitcoin as […]

South Korea Adds New Laws For Banks And Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The South Korean government is talking tough. It wants nothing but to bring sanity in the cryptocurrency business, which is after releasing new guidelines to govern the sector this week. Over the past several weeks, the government has been reminding exchanges that there will be changes, which did not go well with trades. It was […]

There’s A Relationship Between Gold And Bitcoin-Analysts

Did You Know Cryptocurrency Analysts Found A Gold & Bitcoin Relationship? The cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past few years. Prices of various digital coins have surged during the same period. Because of this reason, many people have had an interest in the digital coin. At the backend, researchers too have been in […]

60 Percent Of Americans Know Bitcoin, 5% Own BTC

A new survey to determine the level of awareness of the American towards cryptocurrency is out. It is a joint survey between Survey Monkey and Global Blockchain Business Council. The aim is to know what Americans feel about the bitcoin. The findings are shocking. From the study, it is true that the majority of American […]

Bitcoin Cash Reaching Out For A Deal With Euro

Bitcoin Cash heads for bigger things. Above all, this will enable the digital currency to brush ‘shoulders’ with its namesake. BCH has partnered with Euro, a deal which will open in a matter of days. If it sails through, the cryptocurrency will hit higher prices. GDAX has promised Bitcoin Cash that the partnership is here […]

Bitcoin Cash Casinos Doing Relatively Good This Time

Bitcoin Cash Casinos Doing Relatively Good This Time! The price of the BCH is excellent for those who invested, in this alternative coin, there is the reason to be reasonably happy. According to cryptocurrency analysis, the prices of altcoins are low. Because of this, nobody should expect things to surge in an instant. The truth […]