Arizona Casino Boosts Security with a Robot

Arizona Casino Boosts Security with a Robot | Gambling News

Creating a safe and secure environment for real money gambling patrons is a top priority for every land-based casino. Real money casinos across the nation have repeatedly turned to advanced technology to help their efforts. However, an Arizona casino appears to be taking things to a whole other level in an effort to stay way ahead of the curve.

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort’s newest member of its security team is a robot. His first shift started on June 29 and the best thing about this security officer is a work schedule that consists of a 24-hour workday, every single day of the year.

When Will Arizona Casino Boost Their Security with Robots?

Located along I-40/Route 66, this Arizona casino is around 25 miles east of downtown Flagstaff. The pictured added in the post identifies the robot as 398 lbs. in weight and 5-foot-2 in stature. It is pictured patrolling the parking lot at Twin Arrows. With a cruising speed of three miles per hour, the robot’s primary function is to monitor activity on the grounds outside the casino resort.

The company behind the robot is Knightscope, which is based in Mountain View, California. The company stated that it is dedicated to “predict and prevent crime by utilizing autonomous robots, analytics and engagement.”
The robot employed at this Arizona casino is referred to as K5. He has the capability to scan 300 license plates per minute. This helps in identifying stolen vehicles, but more importantly, the robot can quickly identify a vehicle owner who may have been charged with a crime such as trespassing and domestic abuse.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Twin Arrows’ Security Director Joe Gustafson stated, “I think this will be a big help and we’re going to get so much information from this.” He also added, “Everyone seems very receptive and excited,” to the presence of the robot as part of the casino’s beefed-up efforts to keeping its patrons as safe and secure as possible.

Pechanga Resort Casino Brought In Robots Before Arizona Casinos

The first real money casino in the United States to employ this advanced technology in the form of a K5 robot was the Pechanga Resort Casino in Temecula, California.

One of the main goals of utilizing a K5 robot for security purposes is its role as a possible deterrent to crime. Knightscope believes that the robot’s physical presence will prevent criminals with the intent of wrongdoing from following through with their actions.

In another direct quote that was taken from Knightscope’s website, the company states, “If a marked law enforcement vehicle were placed in front of your facility, criminal behavior would dramatically change. ADMs (autonomous data machines) have the same impact.”

The company also says that the K5 has a “commanding physical presence” even with the small stature of the machine. The robot not only has the ability to move about on its own, it can also sound an alarm to signal when it is tampered with by an external force. If it were to be stolen, it can lock its data.

Casino resorts and hotels are not the only businesses using robots or ADMs (autonomous data machines) for security. Have you ever heard of a company called Knightscope, Inc, which is also known as Knightscope? Well, Silicon Valley, California investors establishes Knightscore in 2013. Their main purpose was and is to build, deploy, and design Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) to help secure neighborhoods, parking lots, casinos, malls and other areas with high crime rates. After being in business for five years, they have successfully deployed their robots and many casino resorts and hotels are using them.

Some people argue that they will be taking away real security jobs from American workers. To be honest, they have a point. However, many big businesses are getting involved in deploying these robots and their objective is not to cut costs. They want to improve security measures to stop big events like school shooting like what took place in Sandy Hook.

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Arizona Casino Boosts Security with a Robot | Gambling News
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Arizona Casino Boosts Security with a Robot | Gambling News
Arizona Casino Ti Create a safe and secure environment for real money gambling patrons is a top priority for every land-based casino.
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