3,050 Fans Predicted The League of Legends Final Standings

3,050 Fans Predicted The LoL Final Standings

With a new year comes a new League of Legends World Championship, and as has become custom fans of the eSports mega event came together to vote through Pick’em for the 16 teams that would arrive at the finals of the Championship. Pick’em which has become a custom for LoL fans offers rewards, prizes, and contests for all users who vote, and this year’s results offer some interesting insight on both how Pick’em and League of Legends are progressing.

Why Do The Experts Predict 3,050 Fans In The LoL Final Standings?

This year only 3,050 fans accurately predicted the teams that would reach the stage, and at a grand total of 3.2 million participants, this means only 0.095% of contestants managed to guess the finalists. While the number seems incredibly reduced at first, it is in fact an improvement over both last year’s result and 2018’s results.

Last year only 2,682 people out of a similar 3 million pool managed to guess accurately, which meant only 0.092% of contestants managed to predict the finals. 2018 saw only 647 contestants guess accurately, a number that largely speaks for itself.

What this ultimately means is that there’s been a consistent increase in accuracy from the player base when it comes to Pick’em standings and this comes back to the current state of the game. Certain teams have long established themselves as powerhouses making it easier to predict which team will come from each bracket, and a heavier presence of game streams and related journalism has allowed the fan base to commit to more accurate predictions on the World Championship.

Great News For LOL Fans

While this is interesting for any game analyst it’s also great news for LoL fans and especially for those who have made it this far into the competition. The 3,050 remaining contestants now have the chance to win an Alienware Battlestation, a dedicated Gaming PC that is of the same model as the computers used to play the on-stage matches. Meaning that they might get even closer to the professional experience than any other fan out there.

How To Reach This Prize In The Pick’em Contest

Of course, to reach this prize the Pick’em contestants need to get their remaining knockout picks correct, a task that might not be as easy given the numbers we’ve seen so far. But the possibility remains, and all the winning fans so far have reason to be excited.

That said it’s not like a perfect Pick’em score is needed to win something, and even if you didn’t start from the very first rounds fans can still vote for the knockout stage. You might not win the ultimate loot but there are still opportunities to win countless in-game items for your own account, ranging from essence, chests, icons, and more. Time is of the essence however as the knockout stage resumes October 15th, meaning that the next exciting step in the World Championship stage resumes very soon.

One way or another, whether you are into the Pick’em craze or even a winner one fact remains undeniable. League of Legends continues to be a massive player in the eSports scene and one with a fan base that is still as invested as they were since day one.

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3,050 Fans Predicted The League of Legends Final Standings
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3,050 Fans Predicted The League of Legends Final Standings
With a new year comes a new League of Legends World Championship, 3,050 Fans Predicted The LoL Final Standings.
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