2021 Stanley Cup Final Exact Matchup Betting Odds Picks & Predictions

2021 Stanley Cup Final Exact Matchup Betting Odds Picks & Predictions

The NHL regular season, unlike any we’ve seen before, is coming to a close. The travel restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic have forced the league to adapt and change its usual setup. So, instead of a classic regular season schedule, we got only intradivisional play in four temporarily created divisions. In addition, the length of this campaign was shortened to only 56 games. Some teams fared better in this strange setup, while others thrived. With the playoffs starting on May 11, the oddsmakers see the Colorado Avalanche as the No.1 favorites. They’re followed by Tampa Bay, Toronto, Vegas, and Carolina.

Betting the Stanley Cup Final Exact Matchup

All top 5 favorites are priced at +1100 or lower, with Colorado’s chances at +350. If you’re looking for higher odds and are willing to take a bit of extra risk to profit more, you may try betting on the exact Stanley Cup Final matchup. Getting both final teams right is tricky, but the potential profit might make it worthwhile.

The oddsmakers feel the likeliest matchup will involve Colorado and Tampa Bay, or Tampa Bay and Vegas. Both are priced at +1800. The odds for the potential Toronto finals matchups against Vegas or Colorado are set at +2000. The fifth most probable matchup according to bookies is Colorado vs Boston. Below you can check out all the available odds for Stanley Cup Final exact matchups.

2021 Stanley Cup Final Matchup Odds

  • Colorado Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Lightning +1800
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Tampa Bay Lightning +1800
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Toronto Maple Leafs +2000
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Toronto Maple Leafs +2000
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Boston Bruins +2200
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Boston Bruins +2200
  • Tampa Bay Lightning vs Toronto Maple Leafs +2200
  • Tampa Bay Lightning vs Boston Bruins +2200
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Montreal Canadiens +2500
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Montreal Canadiens +2500
  • Tampa Bay Lightning vs Montreal Canadiens +2500
  • Toronto Maple Leafs vs Boston Bruins +2500
  • Montreal Canadiens vs Boston Bruins +3300
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Carolina Hurricanes +3500
  • Colorado Avalanche vs Philadelphia Flyers +3500
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Carolina Hurricanes +3500
  • Vegas Golden Knights vs Philadelphia Flyers +3500

New Playoff Betting Setup

The altered regular season setup will also result in the new-look playoffs. The four best teams in each division will earn the ticket to the postseason. This year, there will be no wild card entries. Round 1 and Round 2 will be played within the division. The first round will feature 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 matchups. The winners will proceed to the second round and decide the divisional champion between themselves.

The four division winners go to the playoff semifinals where they’ll be seeded based on the regular-season record. This way, we’ll get a 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 semifinals bracket. The winners of these matchups will decide the champion in the Stanley Cup Final.

Unique Finals Betting Matchups

As there’s no classic East and West setup this season, we may easily have a finals matchups we’ve never seen before. It will certainly add a new layer of excitement to the playoffs. Also, this situation may create some interesting matchups you can bet on. We may have a chance to see some old rivalries on the biggest stage for the first time ever. For example, Boston and Toronto have a long and storied rivalry with the Bruins usually getting the better of the Buds. However, all of these matchups, at least in the last 80 years, have taken place before the Finals. This year, there’s a chance we may see these two teams in the Stanley Cup Final. The odds of that happening are at +2,500.

This and several other potential first-ever finals duels are what makes final matchups betting so exciting this year. Make sure to check out the full odds list as there’s plenty of value to be found.

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2021 Stanley Cup Final Exact Matchup Betting Odds Picks & Predictions
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2021 Stanley Cup Final Exact Matchup Betting Odds Picks & Predictions
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