Bede Gaming Inks Deal With Habanero Casinos Portfolio Of Games

Bede Gaming Inks Deal With Habanero Gaming | Casinos Portfolio Of Games

Habanero is known for having premium slot machines and top-notch table games. Players all over the world enjoy playing the top gaming games that Habanero releases. However, in a recent press release on European Gaming it appears that the software developer creates a deal to distribute their games on the Bede Gaming’s PLAY platform. If you are not familiar with Bede Gaming, they have over 3 million registered casino players. Furthermore, they offer a complete content marketing solution along with two thousand games for the top software developers. Now, Habanero games are in their inventory!

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When Does Bede Gaming Ink A Deal With Habanero Casinos Portfolio Of Games?

Well, the press release was on October 29, 2018, and it appears that players currently can access Habanero casino games through Bede gaming platforms. Recently, the software developer releases several new online slot machines, which Bede will feature. Overall, you will be able to play all of Habanero’s games, including Ways Of Fortune, Knockout Football, Jump, and table games like video poker.

The European Head of Business Development at Habanero Makes A Statement

Arcangelo Lonoce is The European Head of Business Development at Habanero. In the press release, he makes a statement. He goes onto say “Our new partnership with Bede highlights once again just how attractive our games are to operators and players alike. After that, he says “Bede has a growing network of tier one clients and this deal will help us reach them as we continue to expand in Europe and beyond.”


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The Commercial Director of Bede Gaming Discusses The New Deal

Ross Haselhurst Is The Commercial Director of Bede Gaming. In the press release from October 28, 2018, he goes on record. Above all, he says “We are always looking to add titles of the highest quality to our gaming platforms, providing operators with the widest choice of accessible content on the market. After that, he goes onto say “As well as being highly entertaining and engaging, Habanero also boasts mixed content designed to suit all preferences. We are sure our customers’ players will find something they love.”

As we said, Habanero provides premium online slot machines. However, they also have a full suite of the table and specialty games they are bringing to the table. Furthermore, you can find their portfolio of games in land casino resorts and online casinos. Furthermore, they make their Las Vegas-style slot machines specifically to work well with the most popular Smartphones and tablets. Moreover, this allows them to operate in multiple continents to maximize their revenue. Above all, a group of European Investors purchases Habanero in 2018. As a result six years later, the company has in-house mathematicians, developers, and designers.

Now that we have told you what Bede Gaming and Habanero are working on, we want to touch on the specifics about Bede Gaming. If you have not heard of them before this article, you should know that they are an online casino software platform that provides online casinos and mobile casino apps their games. They are based In London and Sofia, Bulgaria and also provide specialty games such as bingo and lottery. In total, they handle around three billion dollars in real money bets every year.

Previous News Article: Evolution Gaming News; Dual Play Roulette Now In Palm Beach

Evolution Gaming News; Dual Play Roulette Now In Palm Beach

Evolution Gaming News | Dual Play Roulette Now In Palm Beach

The gamers from London’s Mayfair now have reason to celebrate as the latest from evolution gaming news is that they have been equipped with dual play roulette table. Palm Beach Casino is now the lucky owner of the brand new table delivered by the supplier of live casino games, evolution gaming. Palm Beach casino recently revamped.

Having been in the heart of Mayfair for more than 5 decades, Palm Beach casino is undoubtedly one of the well-established casinos in the area. Recently, they have been renovating and remodeling and part of that refurbishment is a new bar and a posh la carte restaurant. To further enhance their rebirth’ they are seeking to make the gaming world in Mayfair county revolutionary by introducing some of the most amazing and new products from evolution gaming.

Is Dual Play Roulette In Palm Beach The Latest Evolution Gaming News?

Even though dual play roulette is usually reserved for Genting casinos, Palm Beach casino is counting on it to enhance the gaming experience of their clients. From evolution gaming news, this latest addition, roulette live Mayfair, is supposed to encourage a more exclusive type of clientele to game in this establishment.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this dual play roulette table is that the gamers have an option of playing it physically at the casino, or online on their devices if they can’t avail themselves. Punters excited at the thought of playing the game remotely.

During the unveiling of Palm Beach casino’s new look, and their new dual play addition, several events were we arranged for the players. According to evolution gaming news, in all their UK gaming casinos, this historic casino was the third to receive the dual play roulette table installation, making this a notable achievement. Players were mostly excited by the fact that they could remotely enjoy their favorite game in this casino from their mobile devices but it was expected that some would still favor the land-based casino.

Evolution gaming, through their director of business development, was clearly delighted at this implementation as they saw this as an online marketing opportunity. Providing the dual play table to Palm Beach casino, was a great way to enhance brand loyalty and attract higher-end clientele to the place.

Even though punters could now play the game remotely, it was expected that there would be a surge in new clientele at the land-based casino. This move to include a dual play table to Mayfair would have both the casino and evolution gaming benefit.


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Evolution gaming targeting historic casinos

From evolution gaming news, Palm Beach casino is just one of the new addition to the list of well-established and historic venue that evolution gaming has been transacting with. It was previously discovered that evolution gaming had partnered with one of the most premium gambling sites (les ambassadeur) in September to add a live casino studio.

Les Ambassadeurs club is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive gambling spots in London and evolution gaming is clearly targeting the iconic and historic casinos. One month later, they received a product innovation of the year award’.

Did you know that Evolution Won the Innovation in Live Casino at SBC Awards 2018? According to their official company website news, Evolution Gaming is the leading provider for live casino solutions. Recently, they have been rewarded by the Sports Betting Community (SBC) Awards for their unique Lightning Roulette game. According to the judges, they commend the combination of Random number generator elements that Evolution Gaming uses. Also, they appear to like the multipliers in the live roulette game to the point where they feel it gives the players a betting winning opportunity for every round they play.

Many online casino software providers attended Artillery Garden HAC in London. However, not everyone won awards to the point where Evolution received the award at the SBC Awards 2018 Ceremony at The Artillery Garden HAC in London.

Previous News Article: Celebrate Halloween With Double Bonus Poker At This Crypto Casino

Celebrate Halloween With Double Bonus Poker At This Crypto Casino

Celebrate Halloween | Double Bonus Poker Games Free | #1 Crypto Casinos

Are You Ready To Celebrate Halloween? Most people go trick or treating with their kids. Also, a lot of folks have taken advantage of the new bonus rewards. Above all, one of the top crypto casinos has landed a new version Double Bonus Poker in their gambling app. Do you like to play video poker games? Recently, this crypto casino app launched a new online slot machine plus the Jacks Or Better variation of video poker. Both of these titles link to their site-wide progressive jackpot, which starts at one million bucks! Also, this cryptocurrency betting app accepts Bitcoin Core, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash for deposits and withdrawals. Another benefit is they allow players from every country in the world. They have no restrictions!

cryptoslots casino bitcoin crypto anonymous gambling sites

How Can I Celebrate Halloween Playing Double Bonus Poker At This Crypto Casino?

First of all, if you scroll down the page, you can watch the video. Above all, this video explains how you can celebrate Halloween by playing Double Bonus Poker at Crypto Slots. Furthermore, Slotland Entertainment Casino software powers the new “Jacks Or Better” style of Double Bonus Poker. Moreover, these rewards take place from October 31, 2018, through November 4, 2018. Use the coupon NEWGAME to claim your thirty-five percent match bonus. Also, you claim this bonus three times daily until November 4, 2018. Furthermore, you have to comply with CryptoSlots thirty-five times wagering requirement and understand that this bonus reward is valid for Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand only.


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Enjoy More Halloween Casino Bonuses From Cryptocurrency Casinos

Yes, there are even more Halloween rewards. Above all, these bonus promotions start and end on the same dates as in the other reward. However, you should use a different bonus code (HALLOWEEN) for this offer. After you enter the HALLOWEEN bonus coupon and make a deposit, you will earn match bonuses based on the amount you deposited. If you make a deposit from twenty-five dollars up to two hundred dollars, you will earn a free thirty dollars. Furthermore, if you deposit two hundred one dollars up to four hundred fifty dollars, you will earn seventy dollars.

The folks that deposit between four hundred fifty-one bucks and six hundred fifty dollars, will earn one hundred ten dollars in free cash. Also, if you make a deposit from six hundred fifty-one dollars up to one thousand dollars, CryptoSlots gives you an extra one hundred fifty bucks to play with. Another thing is you can claim this bonus up to four times a day. However, there are thirty-five times wagering requirements you should be aware of. Moreover, these rewards are valid for all games except the Jackpot Trigger slot machine.

Over the last few months, CryptoSlots has been making big moves. Last month, we reported they are offering a new online slot machine called Coin Rush. Above all, this electronic gambling game has a cryptocurrency theme and actually has Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin symbols on the reels. Also, this 5X4 video slot links to their site-wide progressive jackpot, which starts at one million bucks. Remember, this new crypto casino also offers sixteen provably fair casino games including slots. Furthermore, there are five provably fair high limit online slot machines. Moreover, you can enjoy seven provably fair video poker games and a million-dollar jackpot game.

Would you like to learn some Double Bonus Poker Rules? We are going to do our best to give you a strategy that will hopefully bring you home some decent wins. We don’t have to tell you that Double Double Bonus video poker is probably the most popular video poker variation in land casino resorts and online. However, most people don’t take full advantage of the strategies that can use to win money. However, we feel that using strategies for Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild yields a solid return too.

Have you heard the phrase “four aces with a kicker” hand? Well, it comes from this game and the concept behind that phrase is the reason it is so popular. As a result, you are three times more likely to score a royal flush than if you are playing Jacks or Better. If you score this hand and half of that is for a royal flush, you win 2,000 coins instead of 4,000 coins. Not bad, right?

Before you play this variation, you should have a good understanding of Jacks Or Better. After that, you will most likely increase the chances or odds or winning playing Double Bonus Poker.

The Payouts Go By The Chart

Like most video poker games or slot machines, there are paytables and pay charts. While it doesn’t’ have anything to do with how you play your hand, it can become helpful if you need a gambling guide. Also, look at the pay charts before you put money down on a game. Choosing games with the best payout tables is important and a good strategy by itself.

If you know how to play Jacks Or Better, you should understand that the payouts change for a full house and flush hands. This is consistent in Double Double Bonus Poker, too.

Previous News Article: California Native American Indian Tribes Might Sue State Over-Banked Casino Games


California Native American Indian Tribes Might Sue State Over-Banked Casino Games

California Native American Indian Tribes | Suing State Over-Banked Casino Games?

California tribal gaming operators might sue the state over banked games. They are planning such an action after a declaration by the regulators. The declaration indicates that the controversial banked card games will be wiped out. These games are currently available at the state’s card clubs.

These games are the versions of the Pai Gow Poker or Blackjack. These games have been in conflict for the last six years. A dispute is going on between the powerful tribal gaming operators and state on the validity of these games. The tribal regulators believe that the State is trying to violate the tribal uniqueness on the Class III casino gaming.

The director of the Bureau of Gambling Control, Stephanie Shimazu, issued a September 25 memo, promising that the bureau will cancel the approval for rules for all those games much similar to 21/blackjack. These games are prohibited by State Law and the bureau is planning to cancel all those games similar to the previous one. They are planning to give a specific period to implement the new rules.

As said by CDC Gaming reports, they will notify the cardrooms and will also postpone the enforcement for a time period so that the cardrooms will have time to get prepared for this action.

The Reaction of Cardrooms

The cardrooms are not prepared for the new rules. The cardrooms believe that the games are legal. They employ the shills considering the supply of third-party businesses to get the dealer-player position. They claim that all these procedures make the games legal. California Native American Tribe Casinos says that it is nonsense to nullify these games on the basis of similarity. They also say that a banked game is always a banked game regardless of the type of the dealer.

Steve Stallings, the chairman of the California Nations Indian Gaming Association, told the CDC Gaming Reports, currently, he will try to treat the BGC’s memo in a different way to delay the process for a specific time period. At this point, the delay tactics might help them to satisfy the California Native American Tribe Casinos. They have a stronghold in this industry. They might sue State to protect their interests.

In the current condition, California Native American Tribes operate around sixty-three casinos. In addition, they share hundreds of millions of their profits every year with the local and state government that ensures that dominance in the politics.

What about the Sports Betting

Stallings is also making efforts to oppose “regulate sports betting” when the banking games are still available at the clubs. Meanwhile, California Native American Tribe Casinos operators made it clear that they will oppose a proposed ballot measure that requires bypassing the legislature by enabling the voter to have a word on the legalization of sports betting.

Moreover, many California municipalities get their revenues from the card clubs. The clubs can be more harmful than the tribes. The executive director of Communities for California Cardrooms, Austin Lee, finds it hard to understand how BGC can implement such a policy without consulting public and industry. Any change will make it difficult for the cardrooms to adjust the operations.

A Native American Indian Tribe owns almost every since casino in California, if not every resort. The variations of Pai Gow Poker or Blackjack are important to the revenue of these hotels. While most people think slot machines bring in the most revenue(even though they do) blackjack and Pai Pow Poker are big money makers. We hope that the California Native Amerian Indian Tribes approve the rules for those games much similar to 21/blackjack.
Previous News Article: NetEnt Lands Svenska Spel’s Online Games Supplier

NetEnt Lands Svenska Spel’s Online Games Supplier

NetEnt Lands Svenska Spel’s Online Games Supplier | Net Entertainment

A juicy contract has been signed between Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB and NetEnt. The contract has NetEnt supplying a pretty wide collection of the best casino games that have scooped various awards. This takes place ahead of the opening of the gambling market under new regulations come 1st January 2019. However, before digging much into the story, here is a brief description of both NetEnt and Svenska Spel:

See The New Gambling Contract NetEnt Casinos Land With Svenska Spel’s Online Games Supplier

NetEnt AB is one of the top digital entertainment enterprises in the world. It is also one among the most affluent operators of online casino across the whole world. Since its creation back in the year 1996, the company has been among the top pioneers driving the gaming market with thrilling and exciting games that are powered by a high-end platform. Committed to assisting and having its numerous clients leading the competition, this great enterprise employs over 1000 people in numerous states including New Jersey, Malta, Gibraltar, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Krakow, and Kiev. It is also listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm. To try some thrilling and exciting games provided by NetEnt Casinos, visit

How Will Net Entertainment Work With Svenska Spel?

Svenska Spel is the most affluent gambling operator in Sweden. Svenska Spel boats of various popular brands including Lotto, Stryktipset, Vegas, Casino Cosmopol, Oddset, and Triss. This great company came to through a Merger of Penninglotteriet and Tipstjanst. In matters of sports, talking of any level, Svenska Spel is the biggest and most popular sponsor in entire Sweden. The list also includes Casino Cosmopol and four other great international casinos in Sweden. To learn more about this great foundation, visit

More info on the signed contract

A crucial part of the strategy being implemented by NetEnt is regulated markets, and NetEnt has been finally selected as the supplier of online casinos to Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB.

The re-regulation of the gambling market in Sweden was approved by Riksdagen, the Swedish parliament on the 7th of June this 2018. This new legislation becomes effective on the 1st of January 2019. Arrangements and preparations are being done to ensure that NetEnt and all its relevant partners commence operations that very day.

Svenska Spel’s MD, and also the head of the business unit, Mr. Fredrik Wastenson pointed out that NetEnt was not only the obvious choice in the selection of the best supplier, but was also very promising in the deliverance of high-quality casino games. He went ahead and showed his certainty and confidence of NetEnt being a very important partner and client to Svenska Spel.

The Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, also NetEnt Malta Ltd’s MD, Mr. Henrik Fagerlund expressed his happiness and excitement after the selection of NetEnt by Svenska Spel ahead of the re-regulation of Sweden’s gambling market. He also added that Svenska Spel was the most affluent gambling operator and as really looking forward to their collaboration. Svenska Spel is expected to launch NetEnts online games in early 2019. For more information on the same, feel free to contact:

NetEnt’s Corporate Strategy & Investor Relations, Roland Glasfors.

Phone: +356 21 31 16 21

NetEnt’s CPO and also NetEnt Malta Ltd’s MD, Henrik Fagerlund.

Phone: +356 21 31 16 21

Previous News Article: Adults Beware: Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers


Adults Beware: Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers

Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers?

Should Parents & Adults Adults Beware That Free Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers? According to a study, free online casino games can excite adolescents for gambling as well as converting it into financial gambling.

A research published in BMC Public Health journal has revealed the fact that free games with gambling theme can be the entry point for youngsters for paid gambling which can increase the problem of gambling in teenagers.

Can Online Casino Games Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers?

According to Canadian researchers from CAMH or the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, though legal gambling sites and brick and mortar casinos do not entertain teenagers online casinos are open to all. They are known as social and free online casino games as they allow everyone to try his luck with or without using real currency.

They also allow people to bet like financial gambling to win prizes or points within the game. The researchers further said that online casino games are not legally allowed for gambling as no winning money or betting is involved. Tara Elton-Marshall from Institute for Mental Health Policy Research of CAMH said that the participation of adolescents in the safe social games of online casino can increase the risk of gambling problem in future due to their early exposure to this environment.

In a study 12% of Canadian teens from three provinces have accepted to play games on social casinos for three months. They included more than 10,000 students in 9th to 12th grade from Labrador, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland in Ontario. The games they played included social games on FaceBook, internet poker, and internet slots.

According to the surveyors, there are more chances of their participation in financial gambling on land-based casinos or online casinos than those who are not involved in such activities.

Elton-Marshall further said that it cannot be said clearly whether the youngsters playing at social casinos are converting into monetary gamblers or monetary gamblers are plying free online casino games. However, as per evidence games of social casinos are encouraging teenagers to play financial gambling games.

Social Casinos May Be Familiar With Low To High-Level Gambling Problems

Nearly 37-50% of monetary gambling youngsters have played at social casinos to be familiar with low to high-level gambling problems. Above all, Researchers further said that nearly 10% of teenagers may have some gambling problem who have played financial gambling without playing social casino games. According to them, a problem gambling scale, specially designed for teenagers, was used to calculate scores on the basis of the band or sport team activities missed by them.


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Social Casino Games Give Better Odds Of Winning, Which Trick Kids Into Real Money Gambling?

According to Elton-Marshall, higher chances of winning social casino games give a false impression to the teenagers about their luck to win monetary gambling. So, it is important for the youngsters, teachers, and parents to care about these risks.

Livia Veselka, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CAMH, said that the number of social casino games as well as the exposure to the youngsters has increased considerably in last 5 years and their findings can be representing the situation very less. The study further revealed that the number of male gamblers on online casino games is considerably more than female gamblers but they can be playing social casino games. Veselka said that the interventions can be tailored more effectively to prevent gambling problems and run awareness program by understanding who is playing online casino games more.

So, should Adults Really Beware? Will Online Casino Games Can Increase The Risk Of Gambling In Teenagers? Well, it is hard to say. The public screaming how loot boxes are real money gambling and many people are worried about things they should not worry about. However, there is always a risk when it comes to getting addicted to slot machines or any gambling game for that matter.

Remember, adults have gambling problems and children learn from their parents and other adults. Maybe loot boxes and free slot machine game apps are a bad thing and do hook teenagers in. However, before technology advanced, did teenagers still have a risk or getting addicted to gambling if they say their father host a poker game? Just a few things to think about.

Previous News Article: What Are The Best .lv Casinos Online?


What Are The Best .lv Casinos Online?

Slots.LV |Heat Wave Alert | Unlimited No Deposit Casino Bonuses

People have asked what if we could supply a list of the best “.LV casinos” online. While the .lv has become a popular country code for domains, we don’t endorse many gambling sites with .lv. That said, we do recommend one mobile casino app that has .lv as their extension. Before we tell you about them, we want to give you an overview of the extension. First of all, you should know that all .lv means is a country code. Furthermore, it is a tol level domain for Lativa. While it may be difficult to register a domain on the second level, there are several TLD’s for that extension. For example, you may find for commercial entities, for educational institutions and for Lativa’s government and semi-government entities. Furthermore, some more variation TLD’s are,,,,
Slots LV Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

What Are The Best .lv Casinos Online?

Now, the only online casino app that we endorse with this top level domain extension is Slots.LV. If you have never heard of them, you may have heard of their sister sites like Ignition, Joe Fortune or Have you ever heard of their parent company Bovada or Bodog?

Slots LV is a trusted mobile gambling app that offers a nice variety of games. Furthermore, they accept players from almost every country in the world. Also, they have awesome cryptocurrency banking options. For example, players can make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoins or Bitcoin Cash.

Learn About The Types Of Online Casino Games You Can Play At The Top .LV Casinos

Above all, Slots LV offers over four hundred online casino games that work on mobile Smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, you can enjoy table games like video poker, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Do you like specialty games? If you do, you are in luck! Slots LV offers keno and other cool specialty games. However, as the name suggests, they have a focus on playing online slot machines for real money. Moreover, you can enjoy hundreds of titles from your mobile Smartphones and tablets. Bodog and Bovada have their own customer games you can play. Also, enjoy Realtime Gaming, Rival and BetSoft!

Other than Slots LV, we do not endorse or recommend any gambling site with the extension .LV. If you are going to play at one of this site, your best bet is to play at this slots casino.

Previous News Article: What Are The Difference Between Uptown Aces & Uptown Pokies Casinos?


What Are The Difference Between Uptown Aces & Uptown Pokies Casinos?

Difference Between Uptown Aces & Uptown Pokies Casinos | Online Casino Explained

Several people have asked us about the differences between Uptown Aces and Uptown Pokies casinos. In this article, we will explain the differences (if there are any) and the benefits of playing at either online casino. It is no secret that new mobile gambling sites have emerged targeting specific markets like The United States, Australia and other countries. While this may be a good marketing strategy for the real money casino apps, it leaves players confused such as in the case of Uptown Aces and Uptown Pokies.

uptown pokies casino no deposit instant play slots bonus codes

What Are The Difference Between Uptown Aces & Uptown Pokies Casinos?

So, are there any differences between Uptown Aces and Uptown Pokies casinos? Well, yes and no. Above all, Deckmedia N.V. Casinos establishes Uptown Aces in 2012. However, this online casino was originally Desert Nights. Back then, Desert Nights offered Realtime Gaming and Rival games. However, Deckmedia N.V. Casino separates the two gambling sites, making Desert Nights exclusive to Rival Games and Uptown Aces exclusive to RTG slot machines.

Different Types Of Games Offered

That said, Deckmedia N.V. Casinos target market for Uptown Aces was the United States of America. However, over the years, they have expanded their real money gambling presence across the globe. In 2017, The Deckmedia N.V. Casino came out with two new brands that target the Australia market. As a result, they created Uptown Pokies, Fair Go and Red Stag.

Let’s get back to the basics. Above all, Realtime Gaming software power Uptown Aces and Pokies. Furthermore, they offer Las Vegas table games, specialty games, and slot machines. Also, their mobile app works with most Smartphone’s and tablet. Having said that, both of these betting sites offer the same titles but were marketed toward different audiences.

How Cryptocurrencies Affected The Target Gambling Market

First of all, when Deck Media creates Uptown Pokies they only accepted players from Australia. However, the brand grew fast and became popular. Also, this was around the time when prices of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were increasing like crazy. As a result, most gambling sites, including Aces and Pokies start to add cryptos like Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals.

There were people trying to sign up for the pokies casino from all over the world. As a result, Deck Media opens their doors so Pokies accepts players from The United States of America and all over the world. Said differently, the only difference is the name “Pokies” and “Aces”.

Previous News Article: NFL Week 8 BetAnySports Betting Tip Sheet


NFL Week 8 BetAnySports Betting Tip Sheet

NFL Week 8 BetAnySports Betting Tip Sheet | Bet Any Sports

NFL teams still waiting for their bye week will close out the first half of their regular season schedule this weekend. Teams such as Philadelphia and Jacksonville are going to need to start stepping up their game at 3-4 to even make the playoffs this season. At least one of those teams should walk away with a much-needed win in London this Sunday.

BetAnySports Casino Bonus

There are two big matchups in the NFC in Week 8 starting with the 3-2-1 Green Bay Packers going on the road as nine-point underdogs against the 7-0 Los Angeles Rams. The total line for this 4:25 p.m. West Coast start on FOX has been set at 57 points. Green Bay is 2-4 against the spread on BetAnySports’ closing line with the Rams going 4-2-1 ATS. Head-to-head in this matchup, the Packers are 6-2 ATS in their last eight road games against Los Angeles.

What Is The Best US Sportsbooks To Bet NFL Online?

The other big showdown in the NFC is Sunday night’s clash between the 5-1 New Orleans Saints and the 4-2-1 Minnesota Vikings in an 8:20 p.m. kickoff on NBC. Minnesota opened as a slight one-point home favorite with the total set at 53 points. The Saints are riding a four-game winning streak both SU and ATS with the Vikings winning their last three games SU while going 2-0-1 ATS. New Orleans has won four of the last six meetings SU and the total has gone OVER in seven of the last eight matchups in Minnesota.

Betting Kansas City this season has cashed in every week so far with a perfect 7-0 record ATS. The Chiefs even covered in their only SU loss of the season on the road against New England as 3.5-point underdogs. This Sunday, they are 10-point home favorites in the second meeting this season against the AFC West rival Denver Broncos, who are 3-4 SU with a 2-4-1 record ATS. BetAnySports has set the total for the 1 p.m. start at Arrowhead on CBS at 55.5 points. Kansas City won the first meeting 27-23 to cover by a half point as a 3.5-point road favorite.

Another interesting game is a rematch in the AFC North Division between Cleveland and Pittsburgh at 1 p.m. on CBS with the Steelers favored by eight points at home. The total has been set at 51 points after going OVER 41 points in a 21-21 tie in Cleveland. Pittsburgh closed as a 3.5-point road favorite in that Week 1 matchup.

Regardless of what week the NFL betting season is in, it is still a good time to sign up for a new online Sportsbook account. At, you can get risk-free bets with up to thirty-five percent in match bonuses on your first Sportsbook betting deposit. Take action now and start winning money wagering sports over the Internet.

Previous News Article: BetAnySports College Football Betting Recap- Oct 22


BetAnySports College Football Betting Recap- Oct 22

BetAnySports College Football Betting Recap- Oct 22 | Top Sportsbooks

Two weeks ago then-No. 2 Georgia fell from the ranks of the unbeaten with a stunning loss on the road as a touchdown favorite against SEC rival LSU. Going back to Saturday’s results in Week 8, the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes were waylaid by Purdue in a shocking 49-20 loss as 12-point road favorites. These two losses have changed the entire complexion of this season’s race to the four-team College Football Playoff.

Huge upsets happen all the time in college football, so that is why they play the games. Betting on underdogs is also a profitable way to build your overall sports betting bankroll if you get lucky picking and choosing your spots. Through the first eight weeks of overall college football betting trends at BetAnySports, favorites have won 79.2 percent of the time. When you factor in the closing betting spread for all the games, that winning percentage drops dramatically to 48.4. Road teams against the spread have won 51.6 percent of the time and underdogs on the road have won 52.5 percent of all the games with a closing pointspread.

Where Can I Bet NCAAF College Football Games Online?

Betting totals this season has been pretty much the same as flipping a coin, with 259 games going OVER the closing line and 256 games staying UNDER.

Heading into the final weekend of games in the month October ahead of the first CFP rankings, Alabama has cemented its spot at the top of the list with a perfect 8-0 start SU. Even more impressive is the Crimson Tide’s 5-3 record ATS after closing as 22.5-point favorites or higher in each of those first eight contests.
Alabama has this week off to prepare for a Nov. 3 showdown on the road against SEC West Division rival LSU, which has settled in at No. 4 in both national polls. The Tigers’ lone loss of the season was on the road against No. 9 Florida.

The Clemson Tigers have added some validity to their No. 2 ranking out of a very soft ACC with back-to-back victories against Wake Forest on the road and North Carolina State at home by a combined score of 104-10. Their next test should come against whichever team the Tigers face in the CFP semifinals.

Notre Dame remains on the fast track for one of four playoff spots at No. 3 in the updated polls. The Fighting Irish ran their record to 7-0 SU heading into last week’s bye with a 4-3 record ATS. They should be favored to run the table given which teams they will face in their final five matchups on their 12-game slate.

Are you still searching for one of the top Sportsbooks online? If you are looking for a place where you can play real money bets on sporting games and events, BetOnline is an option. Whether you are betting college football games, NFL, NBA or college basketball, is ready to accept your real money wagers today.