Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash In This Free $10,000 Bowl Pick ‘Em At US Sportsbook

Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash In This Free $10,000 Bowl Pick ‘Em At US Sportsbook

It’s the turn of the year and for football fans, it means only one thing – bowl season. This year’s bowl games will draw curtains on one of the weirdest college football seasons in recent memory. Covid-19 pandemic and everything that followed it made this season particularly challenging and most of the issues will spill onto the bowl games. However, this also makes upcoming games particularly exciting with more potential for upsets than ever and an unclear picture of potential winners.

How To Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash In This Free $10,000 Bowl Pick ‘Em At US Sportsbook?

Still, there’s a way to make this college football bowl season even more exciting. BetOnline sportsbook has prepared a fantastic $10,000 Bowl Pick’ Em Contest for all their customers. Enter the contest, make your against spread pick for 18 bowl games and see how much more invested you’ll be in each of the matchups.

The entry to the contest itself is free, but to be eligible for prizes you’ll have to wager at least $25 on each of the available games.

The competition is on from December 29th to January 11th and the National Championship Game.

There are a few simple rules for this contest. As we said you’ll make ATS pick for all selected games between December 29th and January 11th. The qualifying $25 wager can include bets on totals, money line, against the spread, or live bets during the game. Bear in mind that, for the purposes of this contest, parlays are not allowed. You’ll need to make your pick before the kickoff and can’t change it during the course of the game. The valid spread is the one specified at BetOnline sportsbook at the moment of the pick. Each correct pick will get you one point, while a push earns you half a point. So, the total number of available points is 18.

Once the competition ends, the 150 highest scoring contestants will get prizes. In case of cancellation or postponement of a certain game, the bet will be considered lost no matter which team you’ve bet. If the number of games played during the period assigned for the contest is less than 10, the contest will be canceled. The prizes will be spread among the contestants according to their place on the scoreboard with the winner receiving the $2.000 first prize. In case two or more players are, the reward will be split evenly. For example, if the top two players have the same number of points, they will share the amount of the first and second prizes.

If you enter the contest, you will be picking the following games:

December 31

Armed Forces Bowl: Tulsa vs. Mississippi State

Arizona Bowl: Ball State vs. San Jose State

Liberty Bowl: West Virginia vs. Army

Texas Bowl: Arkansas vs. TCU

January 1

Peach Bowl_ Cincinnati vs. Georgia Betting Picks

Peach Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Georgia

Citrus Bowl_ Auburn vs. Northwestern Betting Picks

Citrus Bowl: Auburn vs. Northwestern

Rose Bowl_ Notre Dame vs. Alabama Betting Picks

Rose Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Alabama

Sugar Bowl_ Ohio State vs. Clemson Betting Picks

Sugar Bowl: Ohio State vs. Clemson

January 2

Gator Bowl_ Kentucky vs. NC State Betting Picks

Gator Bowl: Kentucky vs. NC State

Outback Bowl_ Ole Miss vs. Indiana bettting picks

Outback Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Indiana

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Iowa State

Orange Bowl_ UNC vs. Texas A&M Betting Picks

Orange Bowl: UNC vs. Texas A&M

January 11

National Championship Game

If you’re not already a member at BetOnline, now is the perfect time to head over there and register for an account. Besides this contest, Betonline has plenty of other awesome promotions going on all the time. In addition, all new members will receive a 100% match bonus on their first deposit. With the NFL playoffs about to start and the NBA season off to an exciting start, BetOnline is definitely the place to be as we enter the new year.

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 Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash In This Free $10,000 Bowl Pick ‘Em At US Sportsbook
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Enter For Your Chance To Win Cash In This Free $10,000 Bowl Pick ‘Em At US Sportsbook
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